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Betsy DeVos says it's time for Goat Killer to go

by: Eric B.

Sun Jan 19, 2014 at 11:12:41 AM EST

This is fairly significant.

Betsy DeVos, the ultimate establishment Republican, is calling out the GOP’s national leadership for failing to stand up to “intolerance and insensitivity” within the party.

DeVos, in lodging her complaints this week, joins a growing number of traditional Republicans dismayed that the party is being jerked to the extreme by a small-but-noisy element obsessed with divisive issues.

What’s driving the former Republican National Committeewoman and state party chair to speak up are the serial outbursts of Dave Agema, who has drawn fire for his hateful rants against gays and Muslim Americans.

The first problem here is that Goat Killer is very clearly motivated not by what's best for the party but what's in Goat Killer's interests. If he were primarily concerned with his party, he would have apologized last year and quit.

Two other paragraphs worth snippetting.

“The expectation of leaders in a party is to stand up in situations like this,” she says. “Failing to do so will have consequences.”


There is no mechanism in Michigan party rules to remove Agema, unless he fails to support the Republican presidential nominee. ...

This second snippet is in the section that deals with removal of officers by the committee chairperson or the committee of a whole. It's also the bit that everyone is getting hung up on because while it lays out explicit authority to remove an officer, it doesn't extend that to national committee people. This is a dodge because the party doesn't want the messy fallout from removing him from office. The same bylaws also provide explicit authority to fill vacancies in national committee posts (granted authority by the RNC, which says that vacancies can be created by disqualification), which creates the implicit authority to remove them if they become embarrassments to the party. If the party's leadership really felt he was a liability, they'd take him aside and give him the chance to resign with the implied threat that if he didn't go quietly they'd remove him noisily, either by simply acting under a broader interpretation of existing rules or by first adopting an amendment to said rules and then acting on the amendment.

But, instead the party's leadership has thrown up its hands and said they are tied. And that's why now Betsy DeVos is calling out the leadership for its rank gutlessness in addressing it. By the way, I've asked this a bunch of times over the last few days and never gotten a satisifactory response: What if Goat Killer were caught selling heroin to school children, and then refused to quit? Does anyone at all doubt that they would let him continue to serve as a committee man on the grounds that they are powerless to act?

Eric B. :: Betsy DeVos says it's time for Goat Killer to go
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GOP's dirty little secret that's no secret
There's really only one reason Agema hasn't been removed and that's because he commands a significant amount of support among tea party precinct delegates.  His views reflect the base views of the party.  Chickens comin' home and roosting.  

Too late
Where was Betsy DeVos as her party began to go in this direction?  She was at the helm of the party as chairwoman from '96 to '00, and then spent the rest of her years in politics as the most strident and bitter critic of the Granholm administration before the governor took her husband to the woodshed in 2006.

Only know as the Betsy Frankenstein's monsters have escaped the GOP labortory do they realize the error in their ways.  And, quite frankly, I don't even think they realize the error outside of the supercficial fact that it makes them look bad.

They don't care that Agema is a bigot; they've tolerated bigotry in the party to win elections for decadees, and would continue to tolerate it if it weren't becoming so socially and politically unpalatable.  What concerns them is that he's honest and vocal with his bigotry.

Keep trying to steer the Titanic, Michigan GOP, as if it never hit the iceberg.  

They are only now
noticing the disgusting bigotry among their ranks?
DeVos, in lodging her complaints this week, joins a growing number of traditional Republicans dismayed that the party is being jerked to the extreme by a small-but-noisy element obsessed with divisive issues.
Funny how normal folks have been noticing this for years. The question is how long will they continue to advance the fiction that they are powerless to do anything about Agema, when the reality is they don't want to do anything about him? Anyone with two functioning brain cells knows that Agema's views are mainstream Republican views, and if they punish him, they alienate their base voters. As for DeVos, this is the woman who said not cutting taxes is the same as a tax increase. I expect nothing rational (or even true) to come from her mouth.

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