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The dumbest people in the room

by: Eric B.

Thu Jan 23, 2014 at 19:26:12 PM EST

A federal balanced budget amendment has been the stupidest and most dangerous idea going in public policy the last three decades. The kind of people who think it's a good idea are basically the kind of person who, when they go to a Denny's, have to turn the placemat over and doodle on the back because they were thoroughly stumped by the Word Search. I mean, to get behind an idea that would arbitrarily tie the hands of government to respond to arising crises you not only have to be entirely ignorant as to how our economy actually works, how our debt is measured, the difference between debt and a budget deficit, how government works but also have a fundamental misunderstanding of what's meant by money. The kind of person who thinks a federal balanced budget amendment is a good idea is the sort of low-grade dolt who...

With the country’s national debtstanding at $17 trillion and counting, Republican lawmakers are moving quickly get a resolution passed.

“I’ve been waiting patiently for a year to get this thing moving,” said state Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, sponsor of the resolution. “This is not a Republican-Democratic issue. This is an issue that’s going to destroy our country if we don’t move on it.”

The palm, it greets the face.

Eric B. :: The dumbest people in the room
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Please always include with this proposal that our so-called "nerd" governor - the person who the local press always renders as the Smartest Man in the Room - actually took time to fit this in as a major plank of his State of the State address, this year.  When I heard he proposed this, I almost couldn't believe it.  

Had the Big Three not began to replace jobs they lost during the recession, no one would believe any of Snyder's bullsh%t propoganda when it comes to the state economy.  For the sake of Michigan, this guy has to be defeated.  And, I remain hopeful that Michigan can remember its history and their own eyes and corrects this one-term mistake.

I hope easily fooled "moderate" voters are very aware of Snyder's recent attempt to win them back.  If no one's noticed, he's been trying to use Detroit for some political gain, lately, with his push for saving workers' pension and the DIA, and the press conference he held, today, on his proposal to the Feds to allocate visas Detroit 50,000 visas over five years.  I'm sure he may actually believe in some of this stuff, and it's stuff I largely support and stuff that it should have been done years ago, but the timing of it is obvious, and his motives very obviously and mostly political.

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