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GOP state committee member, loud Agema backer and accused felon, delivers most savage burn yet

by: Eric B.

Fri Jan 24, 2014 at 12:10:06 PM EST

Doug Sedenquist, the Michigan Republican Party state committee member accused on two occasions of using his computer to stalk his ex-wife and who pulled a gun on police in Wisconsin and who is a vocal supporter of Goat Killer, and who the Republican Party says it can't remove from their ranks because of shittly written bylaws, has mustered the considerable intellectual firepower he possesses and focused its white hot beam on his critics in the state's media.

BREAKING NEWS from Dumfukistan: CNN lays off more than 40 "journalists." Cartoon News Network, just like the Michigan Lame Stream Media, has Presstitutes not journalists. (See: Braun, Hoekstra, Selweski, Dumas).

We ... we still won't know if anyone survived this devastating attack until the wreckage is properly cleared away. That could take months.

Oh the humanity.

Eric B. :: GOP state committee member, loud Agema backer and accused felon, delivers most savage burn yet
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How old
How old (or young) a man is Doug?  He sounds like an angry 15-year-old who just got grounded.  Doug's problem is that he seems not to learn from mistakes.  Most people in situation would have been humbled, and he's acting as if nothing ever happened.  He's hit rock bottom, and he's acting like he got a private elevator up to the penthouse.  It's why I don't have any sympathy for him, anymore, if even I might cop to some empathy.

You know, unlike some of my uptight friends on the left, I am not above name calling.  But, if you're going to do it, at least be creative and sparing about it.  Presstitues, Cartoon New Network?  Really, dude?  BTW, maybe someone should tell him that liberals don't hold CNN in high regard. lol

Sedenquist even looks like a "tough guy"
And that's not a compliment.  As for his "Cartoon News Network," I doubt he realizes that CNN and Cartoon Network share ownership.  Otherwise, he'd have made a Looney Tunes reference.  If so, he'd have been projecting.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

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