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RNC and MRP chairmen, Michigan's finest legal mind jump aboard the "Dump Agema" train

by: Eric B.

Fri Jan 24, 2014 at 15:24:26 PM EST

You all probably saw the joint message release earlier this afternoon from Reince Preibus and Robert Schostak asking Goat Killer to return to the Ready Room. Now, a few sources on social media are saying that Michigan's finest legal mind, Bill Schuette, claims to have spoken in person with Goat Killer and asked him to resign for the good of the party.

By the way, now that most of the state's Republican leaders have joined in calling for him to step down, it's worth remembering a few who haven't: The governor, Terri Lynn Land, and Dan Benishek. The first two we can guess haven't acted out of a complete gutlessness. I mean, the guy has turned Michigan's participation in this week's RNC meeting into a complete circus and neither the putative party leader nor the other person directly affected appear to have a problem with that.

Benishek is a strange case, however, because the same people who don't think Goat Killer should step down all hate him, too. Maybe he thinks they'll hate him less if he doesn't get on board, or maybe hates his own party and likes to watch it suffer.

P.S. MIRS is reporting via Twitter that John Yob has stepped down as his political adviser.

Update! ...  So, the rumor circulating around social media earlier this week was that Goat Killer tendered his resignation, but that was the same day as the governor's Detroit speech. So, it seemed a bit dodgy, and turned out to be so. Then, this surfaced from Joe Sylvester, head of Michigan's Log Cabin Republicans. It says that "they" tried to get Agema to resign, but he asked for four months so it wouldn't look like he was pushed but was turned down.

There's a Betsy DeVos quote at the end of the latest Detroit News story that reads as if today's mass calls for his resignation is the Republican leadership's equivalent of disowning him. They couldn't get him to go, didn't want the messy fight to make him go and instead want him to be a public pariah.

DeVos issued a statement Friday a few minutes after the joint statement from Schostak and Priebus was released by the Michigan Republican Party.

“The chairmen of the RNC and MRP demonstrate real character and leadership in calling upon Mr. Agema to resign. His failure to do so says something about his character,” DeVos said. “Republicans must move on and make it clear through word and deed that Mr. Agema does not represent us. We are focused on growing our coalition so that we may win for our ideas of freedom, opportunity and limited government.”

It's not leadership to issue a statement saying that someone should step down. Leadership is making that person do it if you really think they need to go. Anyway, if you consider the support he's getting, it's pretty clear that Goat Killer does indeed represent Republicans, and that maybe the people who thought they ran the party really don't.

What happened this week is all a matter of speculation and only a small handful of people will ever really know what happened. He could still step down some time.

Eric B. :: RNC and MRP chairmen, Michigan's finest legal mind jump aboard the "Dump Agema" train
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Plus, what day of the week is it?

This is all coming out on a Friday.

No further comment.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

As of tonight from 8:55 (PM) as I'm reading, it seems as if Terri Lynn Land has asked him to step down.  BTW, I think Kerry Bentivolio over in MI-11 is the only one who is still left that has spoken on this or was asked about it that hasn't called for him to resign.

It's kind of amusing to see the rats trying to scurry off the sinking ship.

So, how long before we see Bolger and Richardville propose extending Michigan's non-discrimination law?  That's part of this whole deal, right?  Otherwise, this is a PR stunt, and everyone will see that.

WDIV ran a story on Agema on the 11:00 news tonight

I wonder what Agema's name recognition is in Greater Detroit. I'd bet that more people think Agema is a new product at the Auto Show than can identify him as an RNC member.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Agema sounds like a medical condition, like some kind of embarrassing rash or a chronic, debilitating disease.  

"Yeah, we went to the doctor yesterday and got some bad news.  Karen has Agema.  It's treatable, but there is no known cure."

BTW, even later in the night it's been revealed that he's refused to resign.

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Ask your doctor if (impossible Scrabble tiles) is right for you

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

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If your election lasts for more than four years, please consult your political spin doctor.

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I won't venture
a guess as to how it is transmitted...

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