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Goat Killer won't resign, apologizes to Muslims, says he's not sure if president is a Christian

by: Eric B.

Sat Jan 25, 2014 at 09:47:04 AM EST

Until hs Yob stepped down as his poltical consultant, I thought yesterday afternoon's dump of calls for Goat Killer were traditional statements of various people distancing themselves from him, a sure sign that he wasn't going anywhere but that the party panjandrums wanted to shield themselves from any impact at the ballot box. So, I announced a Friday afternoon news dump pool on social media and took 5:30. Turns out I was wrong, but something even more remarkable happened. He apologized. Sort of.

Two articles that Agema reposted on Facebook and created controversy accused homosexuals of a “filthy lifestyle” and questioned whether Muslims contribute to American society.

While Agema maintains he was trying to spark discourse on the subjects, it’s that latter article about Muslims that he said he would have edited before reposting and apologized to Muslims.

“That’s the sentence I wish I would have taken out or just dropped that whole section,” said Agema, the former Grandville state lawmaker who led an initiative in the Lansing to prevent the use of Sharia law.

“Not all Muslims are bad at all,” he added. “That’s not my intent. They can practice whatever they want to practice.”

There was a gentleman's bet going on other social media this week whether it was more accepted to be bigoted towards Muslims than it is to be bigoted towards homosexuals. The answer is here. Goat Killer apologized for a "section" although the entire posted "article" essentially posed the very same question as was in the "section." The article as a whole asked about Muslim charities and hospitals and orchestras.

And, he was silent about homosexuals. But, we can go find Goat Killer in his own words, in a press release he posted (had to be posted and reposted, according to someone who followed it, as whomever posted it took it down to correct grammar and spelling errors) to his website (which, again, started with plagarism and an act of copyright infringement).

My personal beliefs and public statements expressing them as a public figure, has been attacked by a few strident advocates for homosexual marriage seeking to change Republican, Michigan and America’s mores and laws. Despite our American heritage of the right to speak freely- or perhaps because of it, my personal views on the sanctity of marriage have led to loud and heated statements among some, on all sides of this issue. I could have handled this better.

This is his idea of an apology: A) That his right to speak has been attacked, B) That same-sex marriage advocates are strident, and C) Somehow it's all about his right to free speech and not the people who he insulted. And, it is true that he could have handled it better. He could have elected not to tell Berrien County Republicans that homosexual employees of American Airlines defrauded their employer of health benefits because they're all dying of AIDS. He could have also elected not to accuse the city of San Francisco of extorting those benefits from American Airlines.

Anyway, back to the Detroit News article about this. The last couple of paragraphs.

As for another controversial claim that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, Agema said this on Friday: “I don’t know what he is. That’s for other people to decide what he is or what he isn’t. That’s not for me to judge. I just think a true Christian wouldn’t say some of the things he did.”

The president has said that he's a Christian. Goat Killer isn't sure that he can take the president at his word on it.

Eric B. :: Goat Killer won't resign, apologizes to Muslims, says he's not sure if president is a Christian
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The last refuge
of the bigot: that he's entitled to his bigotry because it's his "personal beliefs", and thus nobody should criticize him. Free speech means not having to suffer consequences for the stuff he said. Especially when the majority of the party faithful agree.

You own him, Republicans
Seventy percent of the delegates at your state convention unseated a past state party chair and installed Agema in his place. To quote an old cliche, elections have consequences.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Reap what you sow
How about that phrase from the Bible, conservatives?

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