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Goat Killer gets history wrong, misunderstands Constitution, labels homosexuals as domestic enemies

by: Eric B.

Wed Jan 29, 2014 at 14:11:26 PM EST

From the Ready Room*!, the official spokesman for the Michigan Republican Party.

A series of corrections: 1. Despite the fact that the Bill of Rights was adopted at the same time as the Constitution, the first 10 amendments were not technically part of the original Constitution. That's why they were tacked on the end as amendments (not all the Founding Fathers thought ennumerating the rights of the people was a good idea, because they felt that limits on rights should be what was ennumerated). 2 The Freedom of Speech only prevents government from silencing you from speaking. It is silent on the social pressure of things like changing values (i.e. political correctness). So, saying that Political Correctness is the opposite of the First Amendment is a statement from ignorance. 3. The Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech does not come with a guarantee to force private entities -- the A&E network -- to give repellent persons reality Tee Vee shows. 4. In the first two episodes since it reappeared, Duck Dynasty has seen a tremendous drop-off in ratings, raising legitimate questions whether the network really followed the majority of Americans.

(For the record, we're just 3 minutes in to the 7 minute video)

5. This country was not built on religious principles. It was built on Enlightenment principles that borrowed heavily from the early Greek democracies and Rome when it was a Republic, both of which predated Christianity. Furthermore, because religiious attitudes varied greatly from colony to colony, and because basic Christian practices dating from the time have evolved into different things today, there is no translation of past Christian principles into modern Christianity. 6. There are no Biblical principles calling for a series of checks and balances between the different branches of government to prevent one from becoming to powerful. 7. Identifying someone arbitrarily to be treated more poorly than everyone else is the very definition of discrimination.

Alright, so to sum up: Goat Killer, the official spokesman of the Michigan Republican Party doesn't understand the following things: Free Speech, the marketplace, how the Constitution was written, religion in the 13 Colonies, how the law works, the relationship between classical societies and the Enlightenment, and really basically everything.

He's your official spokesman, Michigan Republican Party ... enjoy!

P.S. Am I the only person who this video reminds of the TV show Sam Rothstein hosted in Casino where he tried to debate the same Nevada gaming commission officials who denied him a license to work?

*--Not the plagarized Ready Room of Wikipedia.

Eric B. :: Goat Killer gets history wrong, misunderstands Constitution, labels homosexuals as domestic enemies
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