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Fried Chicken Frank thinks the governor is responsible for federal education spending

by: Eric B.

Sat Feb 08, 2014 at 09:42:58 AM EST

Today Fried Chicken Frank wrote a column about something. I'm not entirely sure what point Fried Chicken Frank was trying to make. I'm guessing that Fried Chicken Frank isn't entirely sure what point he was trying to make. That is, aside from the point Fried Chicken Frank always tries to make, which is that all Democrats are the most liberal, socialistic enemies of human freedom everywhere, and that they regularly lie about everything in an effort to do nothing more than slander the good name of very wealthy people.

Gov. Rick Snyder is fond of repeating the mantra that he’s not a career politician, but Michigan’s No. 1 nerd has quickly discovered that the vocational field he’s currently pursuing does not allow him to disregard the sometimes vicious and disingenuous debate that goes with the job he wants to keep for another four years.

So I was mentioning that it appears that the only guiding principle Fried Chicken Frank has, beyond faith in the innovating powers of slavery, is that it is vicious and disingenuous to criticize an elected official if that person is wealthy. Always one to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted, he is.

Anyway, as is Fried Chicken Frank's wont, the thing meanders along like a drunk leaving the bar in the middle of the afternoon, until we get to education.

The governor agreed and tried to ease the burden by shifting more than $560 million in funding the past two years to pay the costs of retirement benefits in local districts, allowing them to focus on classroom benefits for students and relieving the long term financial pressures.

This has been the stock rightwing response to the argument that the governor cut education funding, that he put money towards the state's pension fund. It sounds great if your memory goes back all of five years. One of the primary reasons why the state's pension fund was so woefully out of whack is that during the last decade one of the primary places state government shorted meeting its obligations was the pension fund. For it seemed like the entire decade, local school districts were screaming about rising retirement obligations while at the same time having as an absent partner a state goverment that got by every year by making their minimum legal contribution. It was a matter of time before the state was going to have to ante up and kick in a proper amount. Our benevolent overlord Rick Michigan did that, and it's not spending more on education so much as the state making good on an obligation it had kicked down the road for years.

Anywhooo, a few paragraphs later.

Because Snyder cut per pupil allocations to districts, he was accused of cutting spending on education, but closer examination reveals that Michigan continues to increase its investment in education when all sources of revenue, including federal dollars, are considered.

Yes, the governor was accused of cutting spending on education because he cut spending on education, but once you add federal grant money the governor didn't really cut education spending. A mind like a steel trap he has.

Eric B. :: Fried Chicken Frank thinks the governor is responsible for federal education spending
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BTW, I really do hope the public saw, last week and maybe the week before that that Snyder is in full-on campaign mode, now.  It's only because of the threat Schauer was posing on the issue of education that Snyder does a 180 and starts proposing increases for funding of primary and higher education.  Not only that, the slight revenue sharing with cities also increased, and I wish the media would call him on this transparent ploy of his.  

All of a sudden after over three years of butchering the budget, he's all in favor of everything Democrats and independents are for.  I mean, thanks, but this is the difference between a Republican governor and a Democratic one: with a Democratic one, we souldn't have to wait for an election year, and then for only crumbs to start falling down to the vast multitudes.  This about face isn't geunine; it's to save his governorship.  Same thing with him going down to Detroit the other day and calling for an improved intermodal facility.  He's seriously banking on people forgetting the past three years.

Oh, but he's a businessman, not a politician! He wouldn't engage in election-year pandering! (/sarcasm)

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
But, when are the filing deadlines for the primary and general election, this year?  I'm getting a bit anxious that no one has filed for SoS, yet, and I imagine we're getting pretty close to that time.  I'm also wondering if Mark Totten has the AG spot all locked up, or if someone self-funding might get in?  Again, I'm getting really anxious while the GOP incumbents are out there just plowing up dough against either challengers with poor name recognition or challengers who don't yet exist, at all.

BTW, I finally figured out why the frontpage takes my browser so long to load.  It's the facebook, twitter, etc..."Like" embeds.  Took me forever to figure it out, but that's the rub.  Not sure what I can do about it besides changing browser.  Facebook seems to have the hardest time loading these embeds.

April 22
The deadline this year is April 22 - it used to be 12 Tuesdays before the primary (i.e. mid-May), but starting this year it's been moved up to the 15th Tuesday before the primary.

Nominees for SoS, AG, and education-related boards are nominated at the state convention after the primary, so theoretically, anyone can enter those races right up until that weekend.

That said, while no announcement has been made yet, one can imagine that someone is already planning on running - and that the announcement is just a matter of timing and other details.

At this point, it'd be a surprise if anyone else jumps in to challenge Totten for the nomination.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
I had a bit of a brainfart, but my question was mostly how much longer does someone have, practically, to get into any of these races.  BTW, I wasn't scared that no one would enter the SoS race, but rather waiting until the last minute really requires whoever the presumptive nominee is to raised money fast, faster than they would have had to, otherwise, and Johnson will not be lacking for funds, I don't think.

BTW, how is Lon's program to "find" a million voters, going?  I really do wish there would be more communication out of the local Dems about how things are going, because that would get folks like me interested and energize to help.  As it stands, while the GOP is going to be majorly on the defense, it takes a good offense to truly capitalize on this.  

It would suck if, for instance, we had a narrow win by Gary, which would mean winning a few state house seats, maybe one or two state senate seats, and making no inroads on any of the other statewide offices.  I've been saying for months that the difference between that scenario, and taking back the house, governor's office, and maybe one of the other statewide offices is the margin of Peters win.  We need to drive his margin as high as humanly possible, and to do this, we need a very plugged in Democratic base like we had in 2008...and I'm not feeling that energy even as we get closer to the formal start of this campaign.

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