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Michigan political media silent while national media rips inaccurate, exploitative AFP ad

by: Eric B.

Fri Feb 21, 2014 at 16:17:10 PM EST

This week we noted that the WashPo's fact checker gave two Pinnochios to the latest Americans for Prosperity ad about Gary Peters and Obamacare, saying that it made a series of puzzling claims that didn't appear to be supported by the facts. Michigan's political reporters took the ball and aggressively ran with it, informing the public that ads they see on their Tee Vee may be misleading sat around and blinked at each other. The ad continues to get coverage in the national media for being misleading, called by a former TPM staffer moved to MSNBC possibly the most dishonest Obamacare ad yet

Michigan's political reporters continue to sit around and blink at each other, continuing a rich tradition of failing to help the public at large sort out the heat from the light and to do their best to help voters cast informed votes come November.

Meanwhile, there's an angle that no one's mentioned that really highlights how awful this is. To sum up what people are saying: The woman featured in the ad says that she was forced out of her insurance plan and it makes it appear as if she lost her doctor permanently, except that didn't happen. She pays less out of pocket for premiums and didn't realize that her total medical expenses are capped at $6,500 because she's all worried what might happen if she goes to the doctor for cancer treatment and gets a $20,000 bill. In other words, she's saving a lot of money in monthly premiums and has a ceiling for out-of-pocket spending for her health problems (cancer).

At no point while AFP was making the ad with her does it appear that anyone attempted to explain how the law works to her or what actually changed in her coverage, because she appears all kinds of confused as to what happened. In other words, she was exploited and misinformed by whoever Americans for Prosperity got to make the ad and now make to look foolish before the entire country as a result. The Americans for Prosperity not only smeared Gary Peters by making out as if this woman's cancer care was put at risk by Obamacare (it wasn't, and her costs have gone down), but they exploited a cancer victim to do it.

Shameful stuff, that.

Meanwhile, the state's political reporters continue to just sit and blink at each other (well, they're all covering Detroit, but you get my meaning).

Eric B. :: Michigan political media silent while national media rips inaccurate, exploitative AFP ad
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Will you please explain why?

Can any political reporters out there share what they think of the state of political journalism in Michigan?  

Is there a future for professional political journalism, or are we in a state/local market where increasingly we are on our own to figure things out?  

Good question...
What exactly prevents them from digging in to this stuff? Are they too busy? Are they mediocre reporters?

Or are they unwilling of offending the Republicans who run the state, and who might deny them access to the sources they don't use for the stories they don't write?

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The premium savings
will cover her yearly out of pocket costs, and the new plan includes her current doctor. She is far better off than before.

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