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His lips says no but his eyes, they say, "Oh yes."

by: Eric B.

Sun Feb 23, 2014 at 09:59:08 AM EST

The other day, South Carolina's governor said that if automakers wanted to go to her state and create jobs, they were unwanted jobs if they involved forming a union. I pointed out that this was less singularly outrageous and more a sign of just what the Republican Party is today, that really none of them want jobs if they involve creating unions. The other day, Jase Bolger's spokesman responded.

Lansing — Speaker of the House Jase Bolger today said that all jobs are welcome in Michigan, union and non-union, adding that it’s fine by him if South Carolina wants to lead the way again in breaking away from the rest of the country.

He was reacting to comments by Gov. Nikki Haley who said South Carolina doesn’t welcome the Big Three automakers because, “we discourage any companies that have unions from wanting to come to South Carolina because we don’t want to taint the water.”

“If South Carolina wants to be the first to secede again, we’ll take their jobs,” said Bolger, R-Marshall. “Companies like Ford, GM and Chrysler, and the union workers who build their products, deserve thanks for keeping Michigan and the rest of the nation moving forward. We want and appreciate their adding even more union jobs to Michigan. The same goes for other companies who are both union and non-union, like Boeing and others who are seeking an outstanding workforce. Pure Michigan has what they need.”

Bolger said he’s proud that Michigan is a Freedom to Work state because it means unions are free to make their case and workers are free to make their choice.

Well, first of all, kudos for the cheap gags about secession. I'm sure that once Nikki Haley will be all giggles when she learns that a fellow Republican made light of South Carolina's act of treason.

The bit about Right to Work, of course, is total bullshit. The entire premise of Right to Work was that Michigan was uncompetitive in attracting jobs because it had a reputation for strong unionism. In fact, the argument these people made was that once we became a Right to Work state, that businesses would be knocking down the state's door to build factories and bring us to full employment. You can't argue that the state needed Right to Work to attract jobs because of unions and then expect anyone to take you seriously when you say that you'd welcome businesses that locate here and organize their workers.

As to the last paragraph, it makes a lot more sense if you overlook the fact that it comes on the heels of a factory of workers rejecting forming a union. The union already has to go in to a place without a union, make its case, and then the workers get to decide if that's what they want. That's the way it's always been, in states that are Right to Work and states that aren't. So that too is bullshit.

At the end of the day, probably the most important takeaway from this is that Jase Bolger and Nikki Haley are still basically the same person, it's just that Nikki Haley is a lot more up front about it.

Eric B. :: His lips says no but his eyes, they say, "Oh yes."
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South Carolina

It took me a few minutes to see where I had that (it was right in the "treason" reference) ... and it was right there in the lede.

There's news out of North Carolina that their lawmakers are looking to do a repeat of Arizona's "religious conscience" law regarding homosexuals. That's where the mix-up comes from.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Life imitates Mad Magazine
Many years ago, Mad ran a parody of those chamber-of-commerce ads touting South Carolina as a great place to do business because workers were low paid and non-union. The slogan was "South Carolina. The State That Defied the Union."

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Haley's Comment
Governor Haley's comment was so ridiculous that even a conservative Republican (Bolger) could attack it.  Yeah, the amount of daylight between Republicans, this day, is nill, but it's not a distinction without a difference.  I have to give to to Bolger, that was some quality after-the-fact pandering, however ridiculous it actually is when you drill down to heart of it. lol

Right To Mooch
off your fellow workers. The only difference between now and before RTW is that nobody has to pay their own way.  

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