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UAW gives Pam Byrnes the kiss of death

by: Eric B.

Thu Feb 27, 2014 at 10:10:20 AM EST

I thought all you people were telling me that Pam Byrnes has a shot of beating rustic yahoo and gun conspiracy nut Tim Walberg. From MIRS.

Congressional candidate Pam BYRNES is receiving the backing of the UAW today in her bid for the 7th District, the campaign is set to announce today. 

The Democrat, the former Speaker Pro Tem of the Michigan House, is challenging U.S. Rep. Tim WALBERG (R-Tipton) in what observers see as one of this cycle's top three most competitive congressional races in Michigan. 

This is probably the best news that Walberg's gotten all week.

Eric B. :: UAW gives Pam Byrnes the kiss of death
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Explain please?
I don't understand how Byrnes being endorsed by the UAW is a kiss of death.  Or is it that any union endorsing a candidate is a kiss of death.  

Got it.
A little slow on the uptake today.  Thanks for clarifying.  

[ Parent ]
As long as the UAW doesn't attempt to actually run (ruin) her campaign, she'll be fine.

You beat me to it
Their strategists in the Chattanooga organizing campaign made ex-Lions coach Jim Schwarz look like a genius.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

[ Parent ]
Prop 2, Virg Bernero, Chattanooga, yet they still swing their mustacheod dicks in people's faces here in Michigan Dem circles.

[ Parent ]
Snarky, igornat bullsh%t aside, Pam will beat Tim, and in no small party because of the UAW organizing and turning out relatively quick-growing Eaton County where the auto industry has a significant presence because of 425 Agreements with the City of Lansing.  The county is also one of the few success stories for Dems in recent years.  

His years of running against a Turkey Lady and Truther, and squeaking by the hair of your teeth in a wave year.  Tim's gone unless he destroy's Pam.

If the UAW has anything substantial to do with things, all rustic yahoo Tim Walberg will need to do is touch her campaign to make it fall over.

Among the Trees

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