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Pro-Russian president flees Ukraine, Mike Rogers says Russia is winning

by: Eric B.

Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 09:03:13 AM EST

Smell the jingoism.

“Putin is playing chess and I think we are playing marbles, and I don’t think it’s even close” the Michigan Republican said on “Fox News Sunday.”  “They’ve been running circles around us. And I believe it’s the naïve position on the National Security Council and the president’s advisers that, if we just keep giving things to Russia, they’ll wake up and say, 'the United States is not that bad.’ That is completely missing the motivations of why Russia does what Russia does.”

First of all, the reality here: Russia is resorting to force only because Russia is losing. Mike Rogers is kind of right here. Part of the United States is playing marbles here. It's just not that it's the president. It's Congress. They are calling a defeat what has been to us a victory, and saying that the president is weak because of it. Then again, if the president came out tomorrow and said that he endorses cloudless skies and warm weather, we could expect Mike Rogers to show up on the Sunday morning shoutfests and decry the emasculating nature of too much sun.

Second, and this is every bit as real. Mike Rogers is feeding the idea, an idea outdated by 80 years, that the United States can and should try to influence affairs in every corner of the globe. It starts with assuming the mantle of the white man's burden and leads us right to Vietnam. 

And they say that Americans never learn the lessons of history.

There is a realpolitick element to this, by the way, which is that the United States no longer has the economic and military clout to wield the illusion of influence in places like the Ukraine. We can thank a lot of things for that, and some of them are even good. In a very real, iron sense, however, our faith in hardline solutions ain't what it used to be thanks to two draining overseas military adventures that had the aggressive support of Mike Rogers (one of them was justifiable right up until we launched the second) and our economy ain't what it used to be because Mike Rogers thinks that what's really important in life is that wealthy people be given a helping hand up. Having thusly, thanks to other policies that had his aggressive support, locked up billions of dollars in off shore accounts of the nation's best off the nation as a whole is weakly resourced to even pose a strong hand here.

Eric B. :: Pro-Russian president flees Ukraine, Mike Rogers says Russia is winning
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If Obama fails to
get us involved, he's weak and indecisive. If we join in he's reckless and out of control.

Screw Rogers and his totally predictable spewing of talking points. He's a tool.

How did that happen?

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