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Jack Lessenberry says Michigan's finest legal mind turning trial into a circus

by: Eric B.

Wed Mar 05, 2014 at 12:45:31 PM EST

Back right before I fled Jackson, the county prosecutor was in the middle of taking a lot of flak for his decision to prosecute someone who'd eaten grapes while grocery shopping and not paid for them. This was an incident I recalled a few years ago, when Isabella County's prosecutor went after a guy for stealing $20 in slot credits from an elderly couple. This was an incident I recalled the other day reading about how Michigan's finest legal mind was defending the state's same sex marriage ban with all the acument and competence of Lionel Hutz. It reminds Jack Lessenberry of a different case.

The county spent thousands bringing in expert witnesses at taxpayers’ expense. Fieger brought in others. Everyone grandstanded. Juries listened, deliberated…and acquitted Kevorkian, every time.  

Then, when the next primary election rolled around, Prosecutor Thompson was challenged by a young unknown named Dave Gorcyca. Gorcyca had one simple slogan: If elected, he would stop wasting taxpayer money on the fruitless prosecutions. When the votes were counted, he won easily.

I’ve been thinking about those Kevorkian trials, ever since the current same-sex marriage and adoption trial got underway in federal district court in Detroit. In a time of scarcity, when other prosecutors lack basic resources, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has been mounting a highly-expensive, full-court press in an effort to try and prevent the court from finding two things: That same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children, and marry if they please.

The difference also is that the expert witnesses Bill Schuette has paid a lot of tax dollars to bring in aren't actually experts. One was a philosopher and another is discredited in his own profession. It's a cosmic joke.

The joke is also on you, because you get to pay the tab. How much is it costing you? Good question. Someone should ask.

Eric B. :: Jack Lessenberry says Michigan's finest legal mind turning trial into a circus
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Finest tradition of the GOP
Promoting divisiveness has been the basic Republican Party tactic since at least 1968, when Nixon relied on his southern strategy and attack dog VP candidate Spiro Agnew to turn working class white voters his way. I suspect many, if not most of the more outrageous behavior by Republican office holders (Ted Cruz's pseudo-fillibuster, this show trial) are simply intended to throw red meat to the base, shake more contributions loose, and, after the inevitable defeat, give the candidates more grievances to campaign against.  Hack politicians like Bill Schuette rarely think deeply about the moral and ethical dimensions of public service, particularly when angling for higher office.  

It's my belief...
...that before his time comes around to run for governor, that this case will disqualify him from ever being competitive in a general election if he would have ever been.  

He spent all of these years trying to get to the top, and he's either misread the public mood or is willing to go down with the ship for whatever he believes (I honestly don't know).  Because, win or lose this case - and I'd be shocked, now, if the state wins this - active opposition to marriage equality will have become a detriment to a general election campaign, not a wedge issue that favored Republicans for years.  

It's "game over" for Schuette.  His ambitions have finally run up against his talents, and I, for one, will be glad to see him humiliated.

How much did he spend
touring the state campaigning against the medical marijuana initiative? After it passed, how much did he piss away going to court to shut down the dispensaries and put an end to that badly needed economic activity? Schuette has spent his time as AG throwing taxpayer funds down the toilet pushing his personal agenda. He has done little other than use the office as a club to beat up people he doesn't like. He should be an easy target this fall.

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