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Our benevolent overlord's super duper secret agent

by: Eric B.

Thu Mar 06, 2014 at 09:27:18 AM EST

What is with these people that even when asked a simple question that cannot give a truthful answer. From MIRS.

A freelance photographer who helped produce Gov. Rick SNYDER's 2013 fall TV advertisement "Michigan is Back" posed as a CNN camera operator this Saturday at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark SCHAUER's meet and greet in Coldwater.

Jeff STEINBORN told two different Schauer campaign staffers that he was taking video for CNN during an event at the Northwoods Coffee Shop, but CNN Political Editor Paul STEINHAUSER told MIRS today the national network had no one assigned to cover the event this past weekend.

However, two Schauer staffers who saw Steinborn in Coldwater say they approached him to get his identity before the event. Jack PETROSKEY said he asked Steinborn who he was.

When Steinborn pointed to his hat, Petroskey said, "CNN?" Steinborn said, "Yep."

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? I realize that he probably didn't want to be asked to leave, but did he really think no one was going to double check his story?

Eric B. :: Our benevolent overlord's super duper secret agent
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Amateur hour
The funny thing is that he could have simply identified himself as a concerned or interested citizens, which wouldn't have been a total lie, and he could get into that event, no problem.  This is how professional opposition research does it.  Had he taken out his camera phone, they might have come back to question him, but to perpetuate a professional fraud like that by claiming to be an employee of a major network is just 'effing greedy, incompetent and unethical.  Hell, he could have made up the name of a news agency, with him being, of course, the only employee. lol

Snyder & Co. are more worried about lil' ole Mark Schauer than they are letting on, huh?  I wonder what their internal polling is showing?

Amateurish and Cynical
This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that makes normal people more cynical about the work of actual journalists.

Hell, he could have made up the name of a news agency, with him being, of course, the only employee.

Just like "Jeff Gannon" of "Talon News" back in the day! Remember when he actually got to ask George W. Bush a direct question in the White House Press Room?

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

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I'm just saying
I'm just saying that if this stuff is going to happen, don't drag another legit news media's name into the fraud.  If you're going to lie for acess - and I imagine this happens all the time in politics - make it your own lie.  It pains me to have to call CNN a legtimate news operation, but using their name to perpetuate this fraud was down-right scummy.

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Nice reference!
That feels like ages ago.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

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