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Julie Boonstra makes leap from sad pawn to public political operative

by: Eric B.

Thu Mar 13, 2014 at 15:29:10 PM EDT

The sound you hear is the sound of sand shifting underneath Julie Boonstra's feet. Before, she was a poor woman who suffers from leukemia, and was exploited by Americans for Prosperity for her illness and used as a human shield when her stories developed holes. This was before she decided to turn herself into a public political operative. Her personal and political connections, and her past, I've very sorry to report, are now fair game.

That’s when I gave up. Instead, I called an insurance broker and enrolled in a plan that came closest to my discontinued plan. I focused on my specialist and my medications. The premiums were cut in half, but much of those savings were offset by an increased out-of-pocket limit.

Now, I am not sure if I’ll be able to afford the month-to-month cost spikes that could accompany plans like this. I now have to plan and think about what every test costs and if I have the money. I need those tests in order to survive. Now I have to worry about that cost as well as the cancer test results.

It has now been explained to her that her out-of-pocket costs are capped and that she will save at least $1,000 with her new plan ... under Obamacare. This was not explained to her by a member of the Obama administration but by a newspaper reporter working on information provided by the company that carries her insurance. Her insurance company said that the medication she thinks isn't covered as an out-of-pocket expense can be covered as an out-of-pocket expense. Her insurance company invited her to ask about her new coverage. This could have been a private conversation between a sick person and her insurance company, but apparently Julie Boonstra didn't think consulting with her insurance company was important to do before going on Tee Vee and telling everyone her story.

There are only two outcomes to this: She is either delusional, or she purposefully spreading an untruth. Sorting out which sort of begs the question of whether she is getting paid for any of this. It would be great if someone asked.

Eric B. :: Julie Boonstra makes leap from sad pawn to public political operative
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The saddest thing about all this
is that the Peters campaign did a pathetically inept job of refuting Ms. Boonstra's serial an inconsistent lies. It made John Kerry's non-response to the Swift Boat ads look like an act of political genius.

Peters is well on his way to becoming the Martha Coakley of the Great Lakes.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

This has to be a joke
You must have some axe to grind, because at worst his response (or lack their of) has been competent, and more accurately, the strategy has been brilliant.  He hasn't even had to lift much of a finger to watch AFP and Julie Boonstra destroy themselves.

How you're going to compare a man known for winning tough races to a Democrat who could even win a Senate seat in deep blue Massachusetts is really beyond me.  I'm almost at a loss for words, particularly give how this race hasn't even heated up yet.  Land is going to get destroyed.

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They have been pretty silent about it
I can tell you that the Peters people were very insistent that the issue they took isn't with Julie Boonstra but with the ad itself and Americans for Prosperity.

They've had ads running up here calling out the Boonstra ads and attacking Americans for Prosperity. Obviously, we're not in a Land vs. Peters fight, but one between surrogates.

But, I think the original comment here spoke to poll numbers that aren't budging in a fight that Peters should be walking away with.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
As someone who knows a bit about polls, until the very detailed Clarity Campaign poll that came out a few weeks ago, there were about five polls done by some outfits with dubious track records.  We're talking about gross oversampling of Republicans, gross undersampling of minorities and Dems, gross oversampling of senior citizens, etc... For whatever reason, Michigan has some particularly sh%tty pollsters.  I would not put too much bearing in them.  Even among the better of these terrible pollsters, they were showing a relative tie, this is after months of a pretty one-side race (i.e. everything come from Land and her flacks).  

If she couldn't build an actually lead on Peters without him fighting back over months, when he begins to fight back (and a week or two ago he came out saying his campaign is about to ramp up to go on the offensive), this race will fall into place like all the rest of the Senate races do in Michigan because of the simple political demograhics of the state.

This simply isn't a close race if you know about polls and the demographic history of this state. And I really do feel that there are quite a few liberals unhappy with Peters for other things who are essentially concern trolling his campaign, or there are those that don't know about polls and panic months out at a slew of statistical ties in less than reputable polls.

As it is, even if Peters were to continue to run a blase campaign (and scandal free), this would still be a 10-point margin at the end.  He takes out the criticism from Obamacare, and this could easily be Levin/Stabenow territory margins if Land keeps up with ridiculous and debunked lies about the ACA.

[ Parent ]
Gary Peters survived 2010 -- remember that before you call his campaign "pathetic"
There's a reason Rep. Mike Rogers had no stomach to challenge Peters (along with his comfort level at being a House committee chair, and the golden parachute he can expect from the private sector when he retires).

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
She writes that she contacts Gary Peters, since he is running for Senate. She writes nothing of Terri Lynn Land or her outreach to her. She writes nothing of her communication to her actual, current U.S. Senators. She skips over whether her Congressman Tim Walberg, with whom we know she has communicated, provided resourceful information.

It is all 'damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead' with broadsides against Obama, Reid, Peters. I'm sure she can work in an attack on Mark Schauer there, too.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

Michigan's Joe the Plumber
Remember how Joe the Plumber went from beleaguered businessman whose 'story' was used by McCain in that debate to being a Tea Party hero/speaker at rallies/candidate?

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

This was my thought, too
When I saw that she went to Gary Peters' house, I thought of her as a new, Michigan version of Joe the Plumber. Coincidentally, Joe the Plumber is now a union man.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
I can tell you
from first hand observation, that the Joe the Plumber types are the ones who constantly whine to their union rep, then whine that the union rep doesn't do anything. He will complain about paying dues. He will never attend a single monthly union meeting. He will bemoan the seniority system that has him working nights on a crummy job. Maybe he'll write a book...

[ Parent ]
Actually, in the biography of Gary Peters, she's the new Dennis Lennox
If you remember how Dennis got his start by stalking Peters with a video camera back in the '08 cycle, when he was challenging 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Knollenberg.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

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