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Calabrese: Ye Olde Emm Ess Emm a bunch of horrible liars because Scott Hagerstrom said so

by: Eric B.

Fri Mar 14, 2014 at 13:02:24 PM EDT

Dan Calabrese, in a Detroit News blog post, is made at Ye Olde Emm Ess Emm. Why? I'll let him explain.

We live in a strange time in American politics. It wasn’t that long ago — like, maybe two years — when a cancer victim struggling with insurance coverage would receive a sympathetic ear from the news media.

Dan Calabrese thinks that we should have a media that refuses to confirm or refute politically charged statements intended to sway the electorate. What's even stranger than the fact that he ever thought that this existed is that he thinks it should be the way it is. We go on.

What the media would surely not do, after hearing of a cancer patient struggling with insurance, would be this:

  • Contact the insurance company.
  • Receive assurance from the insurance company’s PR spokesman that everything was just fine.
  • Report that the cancer victim’s story was “debunked” and call her a liar.

Dastardly reporters ... contacting mutiple sources and putting together a narrative based on what they've learned.

Calabrese has a solution to this ... a one-source blog post in which he gets the real truth. Not from Julie Boonstra, mind you, but from the least credible person involved in this.

We live in a time in which no one is telling the whole story. Boonstra did not speak to me directly, but at my request she relayed details of her situation to me through Scott Hagerstrom of Americans for Prosperity (more on that at the end).

What has incensed Calabrese the most, mind you, is that the other media outlets covering this story never contacted Boonstra. That's not true, of course. Detroit News reporter Marissa Schultz contacted her, and when asked to respond to what Schultz had gotten from Blue Cross said that she didn't believe Blue Cross. That means that not only did the outlets Calabrese is railing against did indeed talk to Boonstra, they did it at least one more time than did Calabrese.

As for the blog post itself, it represents a continued shifting of the goal posts. It's no longer about affordability -- it was about affordability in the original ad -- and now about uncertainty in her health care. If she needs treatment outside her network, it might cause her expenses to go up. Since she's been on her course of treatment for some time and it appears to be working, it's questionable whether that might happen ... or, if it did, whether she wouldn't have run into the same problems under her old insurance plan. So, the stability the Scott Hagerstrom (and let's just accept that Hagerstrom is answering Calabrese and not Boonstra, since he didn't in fact talk to her) says doesn't exist probably didn't exist in the first place. But, this much is certain ... she can't now be dropped from an insurance plan because she has cancer. In other words, to cover up one batch of untruths, they've simply become more evasive and deceptive.

As for Calabrese, a few years ago, a few years ago he would have said that Boonstra getting dropped by her insurance was the best thing that could  have happened to her, since it's health insurance that is driving up costs in the first place.

Oh yeah, while we're on the topic ... Teh Demas' latest column is about how there's no penalty for lying. In writing it, it very much appears that she had as much person-to-person contact about Julie Boonstra as did Dan Calabrese.

Eric B. :: Calabrese: Ye Olde Emm Ess Emm a bunch of horrible liars because Scott Hagerstrom said so
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