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Quotes in CapCon article undercut argument made by CapCon article

by: Eric B.

Mon Mar 17, 2014 at 17:00:00 PM EDT

This is lazy "reporting," even by CapCon standards. From an article with the headline: "More people on food stamps after past minimum wage increases."

While proponents of mandating a higher minimum wage claim it would help Michigan residents get off food stamps, the evidence from past increases shows this not to be true.

The "article" goes on to attack a think tank that says that raising the minimum wage could get people off food stamps by saying that it employs people from the Clinton and Obama administrations. This is odd stuff for the Mackinac Center to argue, since Gary Wolfram, who worked in the Engler administration (and who is incapable of pumping his own gas) sits on its "Board of Scholars." It also cites the work of the Employment Policy Institute, which we previously met as having its headquarters in the office of a public relations firm.

What's very odd about this "article" is that the headline gives the impression that raising the minimum wage drives people to food stamps. Yet, it wraps us thusly:

Davies said in times of prosperity, food stamp use declines because more people are working. Also, when the economy is thriving, there tends to be an increase in minimum wage.

"There is no causal relationship between minimum wage and food stamps, rather rising incomes are driving both of the measures," Davies said.

So there's no relationship, according to the paragraph's last sentence. Was the headline written purposefully to give the impression to people who didn't bother to read it that it actually said something very different? I wouldn't put it past the good people at CapCon.

By the way, why might things be different this time? Last year, McDonald's launched a website encouraging workers to sign up for things like food stamps to help them make ends meet on McDonald's shitty wages (they also advised employees to tear apart their maggoty bread so they get full faster). I note that one thing this "article" doesn't mention is that the minimum wage is now so far out of touched that you can work full time and still need public assistance to eat.

Eric B. :: Quotes in CapCon article undercut argument made by CapCon article
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Pretzel logic.
If raising the minimum causes more food stamp use, then if we cut the minimum wage, food stamp use should decrease. And if we reduce it enough, nobody in the state will need government assistance!


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