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Fried Chicken Frank calls Obama weak for not mobilizing for total war over Crimea

by: Eric B.

Fri Mar 21, 2014 at 11:58:41 AM EDT

When I write columns, usually I put two or three hours of research into reading about the topic, and if I'm still not sure that I understand it, I just pick something else to write about. Apparently, Fried Chicken Frank has a different approach, as I've been given access to his research materials for this week's column about the situation in the Ukraine.


President Ronald Reagan made his famous statement to support his case for a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), a missile defense system to protect America from the threat of attack, primarily aimed at any threat that might be posed by the Soviet Union.

How far we’ve fallen from that comforting stance in a mere four decades as America witnesses the Obama administration’s impotence in dealing with foreign policy issues that threaten peace, primarily now from the aggressiveness of Russia under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin.

Is Fried Chicken Frank aware that the Soviet Union no longer exists? Almost certainly, because it's part of St. Ronny's canon of miracles: Bare-knuckling down the Berlin Wall.

Also, that was three decades ago ... but who's counting?

And when Russian troops were taking over a military base in Ukraine, Obama was filling out his NCAA basketball bracket for ESPN.

Oh, the humanity. Will no one think of the children? Why is the president not immediately mobilizing our military to immediate wage full and total war to retake the Crimea. If we're unwilling to go to war to force an ethnically Russian peninsula to stay with Ukraine, how can we believe that Russian energy oligarchs won't just stop selling their products to reliable customers for some reason?

America can’t guarantee Europe any freedom from Russian energy supplies because, while we have the natural gas and petroleum products to export, we don’t have the infrastructure to carry out such delivery thanks to Obama’s energy policies and radical environmentalists’ concerns about the scam of manmade climate change, which Secretary of State John Kerry identifies as a bigger threat than terrorism and a threat to American national security.

In case you need this sorted out, let me try ... we should drill for more oil shale, and allow Canadian synthetic petroleum products to move across Ameican soil to Asian markets because terrorism is a greater threat to national security than climate change, but not so nearly a threat to national security as is Russia's annexing of the ethnically Russian Crimea, because not mobilizing for total war with Russia shows us as weak to the rest of the world. If that makes sense to any of you, please explain to me.

It uses the intelligence community to collect the phone information of Americans, pursues political prosecution of critical filmmakers like Dinesh D’Souza, uses the IRS in thuggish moves to thwart opposition to its policies, and dismisses critics of its disastrous Affordable Care Act.

Dinesh D'Souza, Barry Soetero's arch-nemesis. If only D'Souza hadn't funneled campaign donations through several different people, we might today have exchanged presidents with Russia. I bet a President Putin would know how to deal with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

If only he’d show the same kind of courage, and interest, when faced with a bigger threat like Russia.

As Ronald Reagan might say, Obama’s weakness is encouraging Putin’s aggression.

Ronald Reagan might say a lot of things, like that Putin was also emboldened to act when he rolled into Belarus and Obama's predecessor did nothing to stop him. Then, again, Obama's predecessor wasn't preoccupied with foiling his arch-nemesis, Dinesh D'Souza.

Zone Bars for everyone!

Update! ... Just so we're clear on something here: We're not going to mobilize for war or credibly sabre rattle because a) the Crimea is not worth spending American blood or treasure over and b) we no longer have the blood or treasure to spill over things like Crimea. Also, nobody wants us to intervene militarily in the Crimea, except maybe the Ukrainians (but probably not the ethnic Russians in the Crimea itself) and we don't have the resources to do it. There is also literally no upside except that guys like Fried Chicken Frank could play Gen. Patton from the comfort of their recliners all over again. Considering the amount of belly aching these people do about the federal debt, you'd think they would have figured out that a large reason for it is the two wars we're now winding down. Everyone in the world knows this except for conservative American military hawks, and if we started acting differently we'd achieve nothing except to elicit giggles from our enemies (probably our friends, too, behind our backs).

Eric B. :: Fried Chicken Frank calls Obama weak for not mobilizing for total war over Crimea
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I won't attempt to read his column until at least 5 pm
It's too early to start drinking.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

It's truly terrible
It's ignorance layered upon stupidity layered upon incompetence layered upon shallow thought layered upon a hazardous relationship with grammar and basic rules of writing.

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