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Michigan's finest legal mind wants another chance to waste your tax dollars

by: Eric B.

Fri Mar 21, 2014 at 14:39:59 PM EDT

First off, a housekeeping note: We've been doing an Open Thread the last couple of weeks and people seem to like it best when posted Friday. I'm currently waiting on Judge Friedman to release his ruling on same sex marriage. It is anticipated that it might come down today. Since that will obviously be a very big deal, we're waiting on that. Let's also note that Barb Byrum, Lisa Brown and John Gleason -- the county clerks of Ingham, Oakland and Genesee counties, respectively -- have all said that if given the green light by the federal judge that they'll start issuing marriage licensese immediately. Michigan's finest legal mind has sent them all letters advising them that even though a federal court supercedes a state court, and -- should Judge Friedman rule against the state -- even though he would have lost (to great cost to Michigan taxpayers), that the county clerks still have to do what he says.

With all that in mind, Michigan's finest legal mind says he wants another term as state's attorney general. That'll give him another four years to defend bigoted laws by hiring as expert witnesses people who aren't qualified, are considered embarrassments within their profession, and who believe that homosexuals are all bound for hell.

Eric B. :: Michigan's finest legal mind wants another chance to waste your tax dollars
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And the John C. Calhoun Trophy for Constitutional Revisionism goes to....

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Speaking of Gleason
he seems to have had a bumpy go of it with his fellow county officials up there in Genesee, according to the media coverage -- and that includes his request for funding of law enforcement to beef up security in his office in anticipation of the marriage ruling.  To paraphrase, he was concerned about the likes of lesbians waiting for a marriage license and applicants for concealed carry permits clashing while in line....

Great Lakes, Great Times.

Um... okay...
Are there really that many people who want CCW permits but who don't yet have one? I mean, that law has been in effect for almost 13 years now...

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

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Yeah, but you'll really need one now . . .
 . . what with teh gay on the loose, ambushing Christian folk and planting the kiss of perversion on them.

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Closer than one would expect
Many will recall the PPP poll a couple months that showed Schuette and Totten statistically tied. PPP has a much better track record than most Michigan firms,* so when they say its close, odds are, it really is close.

At any rate, Schuette's got two things going against him that neither he in 2010 nor Cox in 2006 had.

For one thing, there's the youth vote. He's made it easier for Democrats to motivate young people to vote for Totten (and the rest of the ticket). Equality is so important to many young people, and Democrats can use Schuette's behavior on the marriage issue to strike a chord with young people and boost turnout (not just for Totten, but for the entire ticket).

Second, Schuette is getting a tougher opponent. Nothing against Amos Williams and David Leyton - clearly they were far superior to Cox and Schuette - but neither ran really strong campaigns.**

Totten, OTOH? He's a tireless candidate who has both a brilliant legal mind and a brilliant political mind. Definitely our best AG candidate since Peters, and if you argued that he's our best candidate since Frank Kelley, I'm not sure I'd disagree with you.

*Even though PPP is based in North Carolina. What gives?

**Oh, and calling your opponent "little Mikey" (which Williams did)? Not the best thing to say when you're a statewide candidate.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

Ruling is out --
and no surprises for anyone who followed the trial.

I'm sure this will be analyzed elsewhere on ML, but now I want to consider -- if Schuette goes ahead with his promise to appeal, could that be heard this year yet? Maybe even this fall, before the election?  

The Sixth Circuit would likely put it on an expedited schedule. That is what other Courts of Appeals have been doing with the cases from other states (Utah, Virginia, etc.). In fact, some of them are up for oral argument next month, have just been decided in December/January. If the Sixth Circuit follows suit, probably by early fall at the latest, possibly earlier.

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