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It was nice while it lasted

by: Eric B.

Sat Mar 22, 2014 at 23:16:08 PM EDT

The reporting on the trial in this article is terrible, but the conclusion is accurate.

MASON, Mich. - A federal appeals court issued an order Saturday preventing more same-sex couples from getting married in Michigan for at least several more days.

Don't go read anything else in the article. Like I said, the rest of the reporting is horrendous.

Eric B. :: It was nice while it lasted
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I've been reading through some Democrat's facebook feeds to see the reaction to Friday's and Saturday's news.  Inevitably, you get a few conservative trolls, so I've been tracking their reaction, too.

While not a new argument, the most popular one in the past day has been that "the government (federal) should stay out of marriage, entirely" and the in the same breath "courts shouldn't be overturning the 'will of the people'" and that if Michiganders want same-sex marriage "they should overturn the ban, themselves."  How convenient, huh?  It's the same old "states' right" argument used by segregationist during the Civil Rights era by the parents and grandparents of these same people.  Do they hear themselves?  

Every once in awhile you catch one of the Christianist loonies with the silly "It's in the Bible" bullshit, but even they realize that's become an untennable argument, so now the opposition is only slightly more sophisticated realizing that they are fighting a losing battle, but just spitefully trying to delay equality.  That's really a worse position, to me.  Realizing that you've lost because you're on the wrong side of righteousness, but wanting to maximize the pain you do before you've inevitably turned out.

They have to realize that they've been the best advocates for marriage equality.  They pushed so far and so hard and so nastily, that people originally kind of ambivalent about this whole thing are now some of the most ferocious pro-equality folks you'll find.  

What really shows you the motivation of the Republican Party is that there are socially conservative parties the world over who opposed marriage equality.  What most of them finally figured out, though, was that they couldn't have this untenable position in their official party platform, and left the decision to the conscience of each individual.  The Republican Party can't even do that.  Were they to do this, they might have a future in America.

MiddleGrandGuy's summation of some of the ills the Republicans have long cherished and held close to their hearts is an accurate one. I would only add that there are several other changes necessary to remake their image more palatable to the average voter. Deep seated hatred of Blacks and other minorities, anti union tactics, manipulation of the tax code to their sole advantage and their outrageous conduct in Congress are just a few starters for the national scene. And don't forget the disaster they have made out of this state with their miserable and high handed tactics.  

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...we've had marriage equality in Washington State, and I would be worried about such freedom coming to Michigan.

Here are a few things that have happened since the new laws went into effect:

Since 2012 nearly 550% of opposite-sex marriages have ended in divorce.

How can this happen?

Turns out these couples are affected so horrifically by the new definition of marriage that they're divorcing 4 or 5 times...just to be safe.

Rick Santorum predicted marriage equality would lead to "animal relations"; sure enough we just recently had a very ugly divorce where a goat was awarded $4.5 million in community property.

Last Saturday night, over Ruston, Washington, the sky fell down.
Engineers continue to work to remove the sky, which is still draped over 30% of the city.

I created a chart with information. Some of the bars are larger than the others.

And then there were the C.H.U.D.S....

Yes, if I were you, I'd listen to Church authorities and fight these Godless heathens all the way.

After all...you don't need C.H.U.D.S.


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