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One gutless nerd says state will wait to be ordered by court to recognize same-sex marriages

by: Eric B.

Mon Mar 24, 2014 at 10:21:51 AM EDT

After last Friday's federal court ruling, a bold, forward-thinking, data-driven leader would have said, "The forward arc of American culture is to further embrace diversity and make way for different beliefs and different interpretations of the lifelong committed relationship we call marriage. Therefore, we are removing the barriers of legal acceptance because it will happen sooner rather than later, reflects the changing attitudes of the people of Michigan, and as a cherry on top will make us more competitive at attracting and retaining not only talented individuals, but companies that seek talent as their most important natural resource." Instead, we got this guy.

"We are extremely sensitive to feelings on this issue and are hoping for a swift resolution for all involved," said Sara Wurfel, spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Snyder.


"We are not saying that we aren't or won't recognize the marriages that happened on Saturday, but that we're awaiting further court or legal direction on this complex, unusual situation," Wurfel told The Associated Press in an email Sunday.

"Either way, this can't be construed one way or another as not recognizing the validity of the same sex marriages."

This is a great piece of double speak: "Please don't take our refusal to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages as a our not recognizing the validity of same-sex marriages. We prefer to have a federal court tell us that we have to before we take a firm position."

Gutless. Gutless. Gutless.

Eric B. :: One gutless nerd says state will wait to be ordered by court to recognize same-sex marriages
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They must maintain
the appearance of being forced into this by godless, liberal judges. The teafolk are already upset with His Nerdship for being insufficiently insane. Willing acceptance of teh homos would send them into a foaming rage, and in an election year no less. Plus there's Schuette's future gubernatorial ambitions to account for.  

Also his re-election for Attorney General
He has to be re-nominated at the state GOP convention.  While I don't think he's in any danger of not being re-nominated (I think LG Calley or one of the educational governing board members is at greater risk), the MIGOP has a history of not re-nominating incumbents at their conventions as I wrote in my Examiner.com article about the 2012 state convention .
Current Secretary of the State Board of Education Nancy Danhof of East Lansing failed to receive enough votes to be re-nominated on Saturday, despite multiple endorsements. Instead, the delegates nominated Todd Corser of Lapeer and Melanie Kurdys of Portage. Paul Garon of Plymouth also ran for the nomination.

Danhof had been facing opposition from more conservative delegates even before the convention. As reported on Right Michigan, the Independence Caucus or iCaucus, a Tea-Party-affiliated group, endorsed Corser and Kurdys. A poll of the members showed that all of them voted for Corser as their first or second choice and 80% voted for Kurdys, while only 20% cast votes for Danhof. None of the caucus voted for Garon.

Danhof had also ruffled the feathers of some Republican legislators. In June, she and fellow Republican Board of Education member Eileen Weiser testified against several bills before the State House Education Committee. These bills would have relaxed the standards in the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC), promoted vocational education, and eliminated the state-run accreditation system. Both Danhof and Weiser defended the MMC, in particular the foreign language and algebra 2 requirements. Both said that the system already allowed the flexibility to allow students to pursue vocational and technical training.

As reported by MLive, State Representative Thomas McMillin of Rochester Hills, a member of the House Education Committee, spoke on behalf of Courser's nomination at the convention.

Michigan Republicans had rejected incumbents at their state conventions twice before this decade. In 2010, incumbent Michigan State University Trustee Don Nugent failed to be re-nominated. Earlier this year, State Representative Dave Agema replaced Saul Anuzis as Michigan's representative to the Republican National Committee.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

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Rick being Rick
This is classic Rick.  Take any recent cultural debate, and you can almost write a form statement on what he's going to say...because it will attempt to please both sides, or should I say attempt to disappoint each side the least.  

Someone needs to tell this guy to save the business school bullsh%t and start being a leader.  Not that it would make any difference, but this is the thing that has angered me about him the most.  He came into office as a "One Tough Nerd" and yet he's taken reponsibility for, and has been accountable to, no one or anything.  

We will never have to worry about this with Schuaer.  When people were screaming to let GM and Chrysler die, he not only took the hard vote, but he didn't later run from it, and made the case with passion.  When it was looking like the ACA might cost him and his fellow Democrats the upcoming election, he did what was right and payed for it.  When Snyder pushed through RTW in the 11th hour, Schauer was down at the Capitol getting pepper sprayed.  I was never really impressed with the guy, at least not as gubernatorial material, but what you can not question is his passion and conviction.  

Here we are nearly four years later, and I can't for the life of me tell you what Snyder is passionate about from a public policy perspective.  There is no philosophy of government beyond this mindless, relentless, amoral hunger to redistribute wealth from those with the least to those already with too much.

You nailed it...
...to redistribute wealth from those with the least to those already with too much.
 That's his reason for getting out of bed and going to work each morning. Impoverish the working class, increase their desperation, and close off all avenues to improve their lot, and the state will run much more smoothly. Reduce the tax liability of businesses and the wealthy to the level of triviality, assure profits by elimination of annoying regulations, and turn the education system into a privatized worker bee factory.

When will people learn not to elect businessmen, especially big business MBA types, to run a non profit corporation, i.e. the government? Customer service is not on their radar.

[ Parent ]
It hurts my head
To think that someone as supposedly smart as he is doesn't get how this is bad for the economy, and the kind of political backlash this will eventually cause.  And, let me tell you, the longer and harder they push, the bigger the backlash will be.  It may even end up being and over-correction.

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