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And by a Tweet shall ye know the truth

by: Eric B.

Mon Mar 24, 2014 at 13:24:11 PM EDT

I snatched this from Barb Byrum's Facebook feed ... a reTweet from the Detroit News' Chad Livengood's Twitter feed.

In press scrum, @SchuetteOnDuty sidestepped multiple questions about how his office handled gay marriage trial & credibility of witnesses

I would sidestep those questions, too, as well as questions about the size of the tab John Q. Taxpayer was stuck for in Schuette calling a motley collection of professional disgraces, ineligible witnesses and religious zealots. I would sidestep all of those questions until Grim Death came to bear me over the River Styx. I would pretend said questions had never been asked, and instead answered the question, "Dear sir, what did you have this morning for breakfast?"

Update! ... $40,000 ... just on expert witnesses. (How many potholes would that fill?) This is very much a misdirection in terms of actual costs, which includes the manhours spent on developing and preparing their "defense." It's time to start asking for information about in-house costs. And, by the way, if it goes before the Supreme Court, which it most certainly do, the pricetag could be a quarter million.

Eric B. :: And by a Tweet shall ye know the truth
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Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum
I would love to know their respective levels of name recognition with Michigan voters.  

Both would bring a great deal to a Democratic statewide ticket.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

Larry Kestenbaum, too
Much as I supported Lisa Brown, and appreciate Barb Byrum taking a lead, let us not forget Larry Kestenbaum -- who used to be a fairly regular contributor here.

Washtenaw County Board, too, for dropping the filing fee(s).

Also, what about Nancy A. Waters in Muskegon?

Anybody got some counts on how many filed?

[ Parent ]
If I had the slightest inkling that Larry would be interested
I would have posed that question, too.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

[ Parent ]
Media reports
Various news agencies reported 300-something filings between 8AM and 1PM when the stay was granted.

[ Parent ]
EPIC MRA Feb Poll: Schuette 39, Totten 31, Undecided 30
Bill Schuette is on his re-election kickoff tour, including in Oakland County today. From the Oakland Press article covering his visit:

"The latest poll Feb. 5-11 of 600 likely voters taken by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA had Schuette leading Totten 39-31 percent with 30 percent undecided. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent."


Great Lakes, Great Times.

I'd like to see more recent polling
HuffPo's polling aggregate for Snyder vs. Schauer shows an improved average for Schauer now than during February.  I bet Totten vs. Schuette would look better, too.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

[ Parent ]
Schuette's name recognition just went up
That's actually good news for Totten because many voters will now recognize Schuette as the opponent of marriage equality who spent their tax dollars to put the inmates of a clown car on the witness stand.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

[ Parent ]
A December PPP poll showed a 40-38 split (Schuette up), and this was even after PPP changed its methodology which seems to weight it a few points more toward Republicans.  EPIC tends for whatever reason to over sample Republicans, though, they are still reputable as they both hit and miss.  In fact, among those us of who follow polls, we always joke about how crappy local pollsters are here in Michigan.  

It's just my gut, but I have a feeling the race is much closer to the PPP margin than the EPIC margin, even though both show Schuette in trouble.  What makes this even more amazing is that Totten's name recognition can't be any higher than the teens; it really seemed to shock folks when the numbers came out.  

Another huge thing hurting Schuette is his attempt at every turn to try and undermine the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.  It seems on every issue of cultural importance as of late which growing popularity whether it be marijuana decriminalization and/or legalization or gay marriage, he's not only been ambivalent, but is working actively and fiercely against history.  He's got to be one of the worst politicians we've seen in years if he thinks these crusades are assuring his re-election.  This man's political career is seriously in trouble.  I guess it shows how lucky he was in 2010 to ride in on the Red Wave, because it wasn't his political chops that got him to the AG office.

[ Parent ]
These voters shall not soon forget, too:
"Another huge thing hurting Schuette is his attempt at every turn to try and undermine the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act" <-- There is a very vocal and very angry subset of the Michigan electorate who is eager to give Schuette a piece of their mind at the ballot box over that issue; ideally, that would be a rallying issue that would raise voter efficacy for this otherwise overlooked post.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

[ Parent ]
Sure won't
Before the issue of marriage equality had even become really prominent as it related to Schuette, I was itching to get at him for his undermining of the act.  I do not partake in the drug, but he nearly single-handedly killed Lansing's burgeoning medical marijuana industry, and made it his personal mission to "clean" up Michigan Avenue, as he saw it.  He destroyed a lot of start-ups in this city during a time when we could ill afford to lose jobs, even pot jobs.

[ Parent ]
He shut down thriving dispensaries almost single handedly
He wrote an opinion that essentially said that markets have to be created by government (the sound you hear is Adam Smith rolling in his grave, the other sound you hear is befuddled teabaggers who can't jibe this with their belief that government shouldn't have any activity in markets at all), and then got the court of appeals to turn it into law.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Schuette's witness list was Matt Millen-esque
Maybe he can get a job in the Lions' front office after his term ends.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Fox News
will make him their in-house legal expert on all things culture war. Since he has lost nearly every battle he has fought, he'll fit right in.

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