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Michigan's finest legal mind: I have a duty to defend equality by defending inequality

by: Eric B.

Tue Mar 25, 2014 at 10:46:32 AM EDT

Back a couple of years ago, the rightwing went apeshit because the president decided that defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court would be a waste of time because he said it would be found unconstitutional. How dare he make judgment calls about such things? They were red faced with rage and ready to impeach him until Benghazi happened and they became red faced with rage and ready to impeach him over that.

This morning, Michigan's finest mind explains why he's shoveling good taxpayer dollars into the oven and defending Michigan's same sex marriage prohibition that has been shot down all over the country and will probably eventually wind up -- with or without his prodding -- at the U.S. Supreme Court. He explains:

Moreover, Michigan’s voters had a rational basis for their vote: Marriage has been understood to be between one man and one woman by virtually all civilizations throughout the centuries. The notion that marriage would be anything else has only emerged in the last few decades. It is not irrational for voters to support the belief that a mom and a dad are not interchangeable. ...

So, we have an attorney general who doesn't understand what is meant by irrational. Supporting something based purely on personal belief not substantiated by empirical evidence is the very definition of irrational. It's like passing a law that says that women who wear all black must be imprisoned as witches because the last time you saw a woman in all black, the curtain moved when no breeze was present.

Keep in mind that he says he is duty bound to defend this in court and squander hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars doing it.

If you've had difficulty reading this post because you keep getting distracted by loud squealing, it's because something he wrote later on is so badly torturing the concept of consistency. It's this.

That is why I went to the United States Supreme Court to defend equal treatment in admissions to our state’s outstanding colleges and universities. Because it is fundamentally wrong to treat people differently based on the color of skin, gender, race or ethnicity.

Bill Schuette, Michigan's finest legal mind, has just written a several hundred word Op-Ed arguing that he is duty bound by his office to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars defending inequality of the law because it's the job he was elected to do (and moreover, inequality that he thinks is somehow rational), before wrapping it up by saying he made a values judgement in attacking what he says is a different form of inequality because inequality is fundamentally wrong.

The conclusion to draw: Since Michigan's finest legal mind says that people can expect unequal protection under the law from his office based on what he says are fundamental truths, Michigan's finest legal mind is a living, breathing violation of the Constitution's equal protection clause.

Eric B. :: Michigan's finest legal mind: I have a duty to defend equality by defending inequality
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