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Some people who are running for office this year

by: Eric B.

Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 20:59:15 PM EDT

From Nancy Skinner's Facebook feed.

I’m Running!

I wanted you, my Facebook friends to know first. From my fans to my not-so-much fans, we do have a chance to take our very smart and usually civil discourse to a whole new level. I hope you will all support me. I do know first-hand how rough it is to put yourself on the line in politics, but I think with all my incessant posting on climate change that I had to put my money where my mouth is and "do something about it"!

(PS- The first thing I need is help with getting my petition signatures. The district is 25 cities between Rochester and Plymouth) Go to www.skinnerforcongress.com to sign up). Maybe the third time is our charm.

There's an actual press release, but those are boring.

Eric B. :: Some people who are running for office this year
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Her website
Her website comes off as goofy at first, but I actually kinda like the side-scrolling thing going on. It hooked me and made me read for a minute.

She has weirdly been involved with very many national news outlets. Also in her little scroller, she comes right out and says she ran for Senate... in Illinois.

I am way on the fence about this race. So many mixed messages and feet to step on.  

"So many mixed messages and feet to step on."
That made me smile.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

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Her scroller also highlights her "caring about a homeless woman in real life," which is good.

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The more I research her, the more I find myself being ambivalent about her at the very worst.  What has caught me is just how incredibly fearless she is, which is something I think this party needs way more of.  She's both fearless and serious; usually, you only find one or at least one is far more weighted than the other.  She strikes me as someone who doesn't take "no" for an answer.

I also think in a district as close but as far out of reach as the 7th is on paper, that should could really shake things up if she gets to the general.  At the very least, she will make this very entertaining if she makes it to the general, and by some miracle Kerry is able to pull through on the Republican side.  I can already see her attacking him in ways that go viral and bring national attention to the race.

One criticism.  Dat website. lol  She's supposedly big in the liberal media world and blogosphere, right?  Couldn't she ring up some techie working for peanuts to put her together something that wouldn't crash my browser and look like a high-school project? lol  

Site and Social Media are works in progress
Time is definitely not on Nancy's side, given the 22 April filing deadline.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

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A capable candidate
Nancy is very good on the issues and clearly is capable of articulating her views. Her support of the environment is unquestioned. She is a liberal and proud of it. If Gary Peters had not come along, she might have even beat Knollenberg the second time. She is very charming and can sway a crowd.
Is she the perfect candidate? No. Who is?
If she is going to succeed, she will have to maintain her drive all the way through the campaign. Can she?

The reason Nancy is in is that there was no "perfect" candidate in the 11th
Both Bobby McKenzie and Dr. Anil Kumar have had more than six months to grow and develop as candidates, and to persuasively sell themselves with a positive message (not just rehashing the negatives about Kerry Bentivolio and David Trott...of which there are many).

That hasn't happened, and even worse is that the LaRouche candidate from 2012, Bill Roberts, will also likely be on the ballot.

Assuming Nancy Skinner gets by the signatures hurdle, a lot of things will start to fall into place.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

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