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Meningitis victims say Michigan's finest legal mind mostly just grandstanding on their suffering

by: Eric B.

Mon Mar 31, 2014 at 10:08:00 AM EDT

Back in the mid-90s, Michigan's finest legal mind was a state senator and he championed today's law that provides immunity from lawsuits to pharmaceutical companies that are regulated by the FDA. Between then and now, the pharmaceutical market changed, and re-emerging from the shadows was the compounding pharmacy. Compounding used to be common practice, whereby drugs are tailored to an individual, but it faded upon the rise of Big Pharma and its ability to mass produce drugs that are regulated by the federal government. Compounding pharmacies are not regulated by the FDA, and therefore probably not protected by Michigan's drug company lawsuit immunity law.

A couple of years ago, a compounding pharmacy in New England sold a bunch of steroids that caused an outbreak of fungal meningitis. A bunch of people in Michigan got sick, and a few of them died. Michigan's finest legal mind took the opportunity to whip on the issue for awhile. A year and a half later, we learn that it, like most everything he does, was 90 percent grandstanding.

HOWELL — Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette called himself the “voice” for victims of the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak last week when he visited Livingston County.

Some patients, however, say it isn’t so.

“As far as I’m concerned, he hasn’t done anything,” said outbreak patient Jona Angst of Brighton.

The entire article is worth reading. It raises some fairly interesting questions about Michigan's finest legal mind, first and foremost why a bill that would better regulate compound pharamacies is stalled in the Legislature. The second, and this is based on the assumption that Michigan's finest legal mind doesn't so much care for people's actual travails, is to what degree this all has to do with making the marketplace a better place for the big pharmaceutical companies he shielded from lawsuits 20 years ago.

Eric B. :: Meningitis victims say Michigan's finest legal mind mostly just grandstanding on their suffering
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Y mas:

"If you're a victim of meningitis, and we know that story here in Livingston County, I am your voice," Schuette said at that time.

Angst said she took exception to those comments.

"I read them and I said, 'No,' " she said. "I'm a Republican, but I feel it's all about politics."

"I don't really see what he's done," Hamburg Township resident Kathy Pugh said.

You mean to tell me that this man is a grand-standing bozo?  You guys got exactly the AG you voted for down in Livingston County.  I guess it doesn't matter until its you or one of your relatives, huh?  That's the difference between the parties, sorry to say.  Just sayin'...

Schuette is a "grand-standing bozo" on gas prices, too
Here's what I wrote about his pronouncements that he was going to fight gas gouging, first in 2012 and again in 2013.
As for Bill Schuette, who is SchuetteOnDuty on Twitter, I'm glad to see that he is enforcing consumer protection laws. Even so, I'm somewhat cynical about it. After all, he's a member of a party that is a bunch of fossil fools who are in the pocket of the oil companies and who deny climate change. He's looking forward to replacing Governor Snyder when OneToughNerd retires, either in 2014 (early retirement or defeat) or in 2018 (term limitations), so he needs to be enough of a populist to maintain his electability. Here's to his ambitions making him actually serve the residents of Michigan, at least occasionally.
Watch, when gas goes over $4.00/gallon again this summer, Schuette will use that as another opportunity to grandstand.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

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Dow $$
Bill Schuette's campaign finance reports are heavy with the weight of contributions from Dow Chemical executives and PACs.  Dow is part of Big Pharma and has a significant stake in keeping any legislation that would restore some measure of accountability to the pharmaceutical industry in Michigan, which is exempt from liability claims.    

If I recall correctly,
AG Schuette has a familial connection to the Dow family.  

Great Lakes, Great Times.

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