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Goat Killer says Obama is worse than Hitler

by: Eric B.

Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 15:57:42 PM EDT

From Gongwer blog.

On Tuesday this week, on his Facebook page, Mr. Agema shared a webpage showing the “Downfall” scene with Hitler saying he did not want to see a Jewish doctor, then being told his old doctor is not on his Obamacare network, followed by Hitler screaming about the ACA.

Whether Hitler in any context outside of a Mel Brooks satire is funny is open to debate.

One can also question and (writing as the son of a World War II veteran) be disturbed, very disturbed, at the line Mr. Agema posted introducing the scene on his page: “Even Hitler, who ruled like Obama, didn’t like Obamacare. Funny!”

The Michigan Republican Party, naturally, is held hostage by its bylaws and is incapable of doing anything to prevent Goat Killer from further tarnishing the organization's image.

Eric B. :: Goat Killer says Obama is worse than Hitler
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This Is What Is Different
In another thread, I raised a comment that one thing having changed so much over my years following the political world has been a drop in the numbers of candidates running for office, even in "hopeless" races.

There can be many reasons for this drop, yet I am a believer that two things play the major role - the phenomenal explosion in the role of money in elections and the decline in civility in our elections.

While another poster is correct that we don't have canings nor do we have duels, let's just take it back 50 or so years and look at the lack of civility then as opposed to now.

Would the RNC Committeeman from any major Dem-leaning state in the Fifties or Sixties have said such a preposterous comment about Adlai Stevenson, JFK or LBJ? And if they did, thinking about Senator Joe McCarthy, would they basically go unchallenged as this guy has?

I often think about how much the Republican Party has changed over the years, and Michigan is a great place to ask this question: If the tenor of politics in the Fifties was as it is today, would such people as Bill Milliken, Jim Brickley and other "liberal Republicans" have become Democrats while seeking office?  

The Republican Party, yes.
The Democratic Party?

While there have always been a few Democrats here and there who have acted up, there hasn't been the kind of significant decline in civility from Democrats that you very rightly point out has come from Republicans.

And one certainly can't think of many (any?) Democratic National Committee members who have made such gross analogies as does this RNC member.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

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We also have the Cult of LaRouche
That we're never simply able to throw these whackjobs out of the Democratic Party has been our burden for 30 years or more.

Unfortunately for those of us in the 11th Congressional District, one of the LaRouche cultists -- Bill Roberts, who got 41% of the primary vote when he ran against Dr. Syed Taj in 2012 -- is back for another go in 2014.

So depending on who's able to file signatures by 22 April, we're looking at a four-person primary on 5 August.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
My mind kind of instantly shuts down when I see a group of people drawing Hitler moustaches on presidents as a normal course of business, so I've never even superficially looked up who these loons are.  So, my question is are they a natural ideological fit in the Democratic Party, or are they a group that looks at the other party and sees so many crazy groups that their message might get lost, so they come over to our side and run on our ballot line to get more attention?  

You know, as much as some Republicans might want to deny the tea party, they are a more natural fit with the GOP than Dems.  Are the LaRouchites just as much Dems as the tea party are Republicans?

[ Parent ]
LaRouche on the ideological spectrum
You ask whether the LaRouche Tendency is a natural fit with the Democratic Party?  Are maple trees Democratic?  Is zinc?  Uranus?  The Portland Trailblazers?  Expressionism?  The Doric style of columns?

LaRouche - both the individual and his movement - isn't really part of the partisan world.  For a long time I had an employee who was LarRouche's only known disciple in the Lansing area.  (Steve Crocker, who died four years ago, after a well-fought struggle with brain cancer.)  I had a chance on many late evenings to hear the LaRouche interpretation of events in the news, and it was like listening to a John Cage concert hoping it was Brahms.  There was probably no political logic to it, and there may have been deliberate effort to prevent any from creeping in.

LaRouche is (apparently) convinced that the fundamental political division in the world is not between capital and labor, or freedom and slavery, or the West and Third World.  No, it's between the followers of France and those of England.  The latter, dominated by her Queen, has created the fictions of Communism, Fascism, Islamism, and the rest, in order to distract you from their perfidy.

Now, you ask, in which political party is their natural home? Well, I guess we're the heirs of Jefferson, who was much more sympathetic to the French Revolution than Hamilton or Adams were, so maybe that's why LaRouche is willing to give us the benefit of the doubt...

[ Parent ]
You have a beautiful mind.
Thank you for the doric columns shout out. Made my morning.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

[ Parent ]
So, then
The answer is that they are not the Dem's equivalent of the tea party.  Thanks.

[ Parent ]
Tea Party?
Maybe you could say they're the Dem equivalent of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  "In this style, 10/6".  (That's shillings and pence, of course.)

[ Parent ]
We ignore them at our peril
"In an age of ideology, in an age of totalitarianism, it will not suffice for a political party to be indifferent to and ignorant about such a movement." ~ Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, 1986

"One of the strangest groups in American political history." ~ The Heritage Foundation

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
SOS shows that Bill Roberts has made the ballot for MI-11
So we have to deal with the cultists again.

As an aside, when I first heard that Roberts was running again, and before Kumar and McKenzie announced they were going to run as well, I thought about collecting signatures in this contest.  The appeal would have been beating up on one kook in the primary then on another in the general.  It would have been fun, as long as Trott didn't win.  I may not like him, but he's as sane as they come in today's GOP.  Then two more serious people than me entered the race and I stopped toying with the idea.  What's one more "some guy" candidate to split the vote and possibly throw the nomination to the cultist?  I saw no point to it.  Then Nancy declared, and I decided I'd rather help her.  She's not "some guy" in either sense of the phrase.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

[ Parent ]
It's more than the party by-laws that keeps Agema on the RNC
Agema was elected to that post by the last Michigan GOP convention. Not only did the delegates vote to boot Saul Anuzis off the committee and replace him with Agema, they did so by an overwhelming margin.

If Agema leaves the RNC, the party base will replace him with someone with better impulse control but basically the same far-right views.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

They aren't barred by anything
I read their bylaws. Read the RNC's bylaws, too. There is nothing specifically in either document that requires that an RNC committee member has to stay in office until the end of his or her term, and the RNC bylaws leave open the possibility that someone might be forced from office. There's no specific mention in the MRP state committee bylaws about how to remove someone from office, but it does say that Robert's Rules of Order is their other governing document, and that does allow a process to get rid of someone. All they have to do is interpret a process into their bylaws an act on it.

They didn't do it, and it's not because of the rules, either. I suspect that it has a lot more to do with genuine fear that a motion to oust him would have failed because the idiotic things Goat Killer says reflect the attitudes and values of the people elected to the state central committee. I mean, the Tea Party did a great job stacking up convention delegate seats with their own and they also hold a bunch of seats on the state central committee. My guess Betsy DeVos' big speech was entirely for show, that she knew they weren't going to get rid of him but that she and everyone else who came out in favor of his resignation did so because they were afraid that it would expose to the rest of the public where their party's grassroots really stand on social issues.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Whether Hitler in any context outside of a Mel Brooks satire is funny is open to debate.

Really? lol

I read a bit of the piece, and I realize that that was a tiny, tiny bit of snark.  But, this is why I could never write for traditional media, because my first response would be "Are you f%cking kidding me?!"

This shows you how serious the MI GOP was about ousting Agema.  It was a total PR ploy to tamp down on the outrage and see how long they could outlast the controversy.  It was never a real push.  Or, if it was, it shows you where the power center of the party is.  It sure as hell at that goof Bobby Schostak, that's for sure.

I think this is entirely correct...
Or, if it was, it shows you where the power center of the party is.

This is what made coverage of this so frustrating. It was pretty clear that Republicans were covering up the truth ... in plain sight. You can argue in the context of limited reporting resources that an internal GOP squabble isn't terribly interesting to your readers, but if you're not going to bother to do the job properly (i.e. not allowing your reporting to misinform your readers) then you shouldn't try to do the job.

In this case, I'm quite confident that if anyone had consulted an expert in parliamentary procedure that what they would have been told was something like, "Well, it all depends on how the organization chooses to interpret its own internal rules." But, that would have required going outside the traditional Republican/Democrat paradigm through which all political coverage is shaped.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Obamacare haters = Hitler ???
Just to be clear, Obamacare has apparently convinced both both Dave Agema and the person who made the webpage to agree with the analogy that those who don't like Obamacare are like Hitler.  Thanks Obama!

"I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell." -- Harry S Truman

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