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RGA attacks Mark Schauer for something Mark Schauer wasn't responsible for

by: Eric B.

Wed Apr 16, 2014 at 17:30:43 PM EDT

There's always an inherent problem in letting someone campaigning on your behalf: They might do or say something stupid, and you look stupid by reflection. We saw this when Terri Lynn Land, who might be the worst candidate for the U.S. Senate since Peter Hoekstra, let Americans for Prosperity lie about Obamacare and then use a cancer sufferer as a willing human shield (by the way, anyone ask if Julie Boonstra got paid for all this?). Now, there's this.

LANSING, MI -- The Republican Governors Association released what it called a "new attack ad" on Wednesday, criticizing Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer for a 2002 state House vote that imposed a new per-bed fee on nursing homes.

The only problem?

The "Medicaid Quality Assurance Assessment Program" was backed by Republican Gov. John Engler, won bipartisan support in the state Legislature and was later extended by Gov. Rick Snyder, who Schauer is challenging.

The program is designed to win federal match dollars and then return them to nursing homes that participate in Michigan's Medicaid program.

The sound you hear is the Republican Governor's Association wrenching the sink out of the kitchen and hurling it at Mark Schauer.

Eric B. :: RGA attacks Mark Schauer for something Mark Schauer wasn't responsible for
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Even Tom Shields, a local GOP pollster, admitted this is going to be close.  And, by the way they are going after Schauer, lately, you can tell, if even conventional wisdom and other GOP push-pollsters are putting out crap polls trying to put Snyder way ahead.

You can tell they are getting desperate.  Anytime Republians use the tactic of trying to make a Democrat's strength into a weakness shows a desperation and tacit admission of a close race.  This is particularly bad for Snyder seeing as how a full two-thirds of those polled in multiple polls still don't recognize Schauer's name, and yet Snyder can't poll higher than the 40's.  

This is really all they have left: to define Schauer before he gets to define himself.  Because, he's certainly not going to get less popular the more people know of him in a neutral environment.  If Schauer can get his name recognition up without Snyder being the one that does it, Dick is in even more trouble than he already is.

You don't go after an unknown like this if you truly believe you're up double-digits.

Those "The Schauer's over" ads baffle me
Not only are they awful, but they increase Schauer's name recognition.

I'm waiting for Schauer to slam Snyder for raising taxes on seniors' pensions--those are the people who vote in midterms--and for allowing Michigan's roads to look like they've been strafed by enemy aircraft.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

and sadly the best we could do
Is Snyder-Holes, seriously, if your going with name calling you skip right pass the obvious, Dick-Holes or even better Rick-Holes. With the last you even have a catching TV ad, have the fake Snyder dude lip sync "Never Going to Give You Up" as he takes a pick-axe to a street, end they ad with make sure you don't get Rick-Holed.

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They got nothing.
and they know it. Snyder can't very well run on his record. Democrats hate him, teabaggers are pissed over the Medicaid expansion, and the less politically oriented wonder why the roads suck and where the jobs are.

People are tired of no progress while Republicans push their ideological opposition to things like same sex marriage.

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