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Throwback Thursday: The upline swindle that took place over our loud objections

by: Eric B.

Thu Apr 24, 2014 at 10:30:16 AM EDT

This disappeared from the YouTubes shortly after the 2006 election. I was pleased to find that someone had made it reappear a few years back.

We actually voted to not have Amway Guy as our governor, but we got it anyway. And, we got government run as a business, Amway specifically, where the poor schlubs at the bottom (that's you and me) get told that if we work our asses off and keep buying the motivational tapes and books written by other con artists, that eventually we'll all retire to villas in Hawaii, with stables of fine ponies and grand pianos made of cherry wood and garages filled with black SUVs and heliports and French hookers and shopping trips to London and such. What we've instead gotten was the same as all those other suckers who bought into running government like Amway: Broken roads, crappy schools and prisons filled to capacity. We also have lawmakers who'd rather sell off art to rebuild Detroit than offer state aid because they find value only in dollar figures and think that cities can rebuild themselves without outside help (and because many of them still get a case of the willies from black people), and who say that freedom for the little guy can't be achieved when the little guy joins his tiny bit power with the tiny bits of power of other little guys into a collective big and mighty power, that the little guy is better off by himself.

Eric B. :: Throwback Thursday: The upline swindle that took place over our loud objections
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We've been Amwayed
Thanks for posting this.  

How could I not?
I mean, our benevolent overlord said that government should be run like a business. He just never said that business is Amway.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
There could be a good political ad
out of this.  I keep thinking an ad with Snyder's face morphing into DeVos while a voice saying what you said above.  

[ Parent ]

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