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Terri Lynn Land: Some of my best friends are women

by: Eric B.

Thu Apr 24, 2014 at 17:33:32 PM EDT

Terri Lynn Land won't talk to journalists. There's probably a reason for that. She did the next best thing, which was to go on Fox News and talk to Gretchen Carlson about Terri Lynn Land's weird statements about what women want. Terri Lynn Land's answer was magnificent in its stupidity. She says it's ridiculous to attack her over Republican policies about women because she has worked with women. It is Terri Lynn Land saying that she has binders full of women. I am not lying about this.

And, when confronted by Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, a person who frequently gives you the impression that she could get lost on her way to the mailbox, about specific policies, Terri Lynn Land said that the real War on Women is Obamacare. I am also not making this up.

Eric B. :: Terri Lynn Land: Some of my best friends are women
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Terri Lynn Land won't talk to journalists. There's probably a reason for that. She did the next best thing, which was to go on Fox News and talk to Gretchen Carlson

This.  was.  awesome.

Seriously, is there any wonder left as to why the GOP was racking their field to find a better candidate?  TLL is not ready for primetime.  I think this is also further proof of just how lucky TLL was to be elected twice as SoS, and how few people pay attention to that office in Michigan, anymore.

I know people want to believe this race is close, and maybe it actually is, but I'd actually be a bit surprised - even givne that this is an open seat - if Peters doesn't win by at least ten points come November.  He is just such a more serious candidate and so much better a politician than Land.  

And, if she pushes too hard, Peters will make her pay for it.  He may come off as a bit of a goof, but that man will cut you.  Gary is not a man to be toyed with, and I think we'll see that in the coming months.

Off topic, but it looks like someone is going to contest Mark Totten's bid for AG in the primary:

Lansing- Detroit lawyer Godfrey Dillard announced Thursday he would seek the Michigan Democratic Party's nomination for attorney general, setting up a contested state nominating convention against Kalamazoo attorney Mark Totten.

Both men are vying for the chance to take on incumbent Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette.

Dillard, 65, practices criminal and civil rights law. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan's law school and teaches at Wayne State University.

Now, I'm usually all for contested primaries if each candidate is serious.  But, in a year in which we are out of power, and have had serious candidates running in a whole host of offices for months, I'd rather Dillard not run.  But, hey, this is America, so it's his perogative.

Dillard will most likely be a serious challenge; I just hope Totten's support stays behind him.  He's a really, really good candidate who has put in a helluva lot of his time and effort thus far.

come on
I want a good o fashion floor fight now, at the convention, now that Lon Johnson was to lazy to put together a early nomination convention to prevent this very thing from happening.

Maybe he can roll out another website to fix this!

[ Parent ]
There is no primary. It's a convention.

[ Parent ]
My point was regardless of whether this is a primary or convention, this is now a seriously contested nomination.  I'm not sure why Dillard got in when he did, unless he was waiting for filing deadlines in other state races to become finalized to feel out what he could run for.

[ Parent ]
War: I don't think you can fairly blame Lon
for the fact that there were no competing announced candidates. This came up at the last State Central, a question was asked from the floor about an Endorsement Convention, and Lon said there was no point since (at the time) there were no competing candidates for any of the Convention-nominated offices. Another reason, I think, is that we still have not figured out which Supreme Court slots we are contesting, and who the candidates are.

Anyhow, an EC is not mandatory, it was a rather recent Brewer innovation, and we always used to do it at the Nominating Convention.

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That's a chicken or eggs argument, espically with how Kate most people are reflecting

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late* and declaring*  

[ Parent ]
late* and declaring*  

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Totten has endorsements from
35 out of 83 (42%) County Democratic Parties in Michigan, and perhaps more meaningfully 8 out of 20 (40%) CDPs where the county has a population of over 100,000. Some of the rest may have Bylaws or traditions that they don't endorse.

In 2010, Mark ran Jocelyn Benson's race for SoS. She had done the same thing that Mark has done this time -- gone to every meeting of three or more Democrats across the entire state for a whole year. I met her for the first time at one of those events very early, in April, 2009, at Kalamazoo College, where there was me and Mark Totten and four students.

That time, this strategy paid off, and Jocelyn won the Endorsement Convention vote in a landslide. This time, Dillard will be a more formidable opponent for the nomination, and it will be an interesting test. I believe Mark will be the better candidate against Schuette. He has been honing his message, and has a compelling story to tell.

[ Parent ]
For those and other reasons,
I still think the nomination is Totten's to lose.

I'd add that he's been working for this for about a year now, and he's also received the support of a lot of unions. When the UAW does decide to get in, I suspect it will be for Totten - thus all but sealing it for him (as happened for Williams and Leyton).

As to this point:

Some of the rest may have Bylaws or traditions that they don't endorse.

I'd add that some might be waiting until we get closer to the convention until they endorse.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
I see
I see from Mark's social media that he got the endorsement of Kym Worthy, recently.  I wonder if Janice Winfrey has endorsed yet?  Anyway, this makes Dillard's road harder than it already was.

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