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Tim Walberg: Obamacare has helped some

by: Eric B.

Fri Apr 25, 2014 at 17:19:42 PM EDT

Tim Walberg is asked about Obamacare. For some reason known only to Tim Walberg, Tim Walberg lied by not saying that Obamacare has put the Republic into a death spiral.

In a video captured by American Bridge, a liberal opposition research group, Walberg was pressed on the health care reform law during a town hall meeting in Saline, Mich. One of the attendees told Walberg that he would start a business soon because of the flexibility that Obamacare had afforded him, concluding that "sitting there and repealing it when there are things that could be done to fix it is wrong."

"That's not to say that the ACA hasn't helped a few people," Walberg replied. "I've met those people. I've also met people who are now being helped by being subsidized who say I never want to be subsidized by the government."

"I appreciate the fact that it works for you," he continued. "I'm not saying that it hasn't worked for some people."

I would like to know who exactly opposes being covered for health if it comes in the form of a "subsidy" and what they propose for when they get older and go on Medicare.

Eric B. :: Tim Walberg: Obamacare has helped some
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Oh, Pam.  Did you hear?  Timmy's handing you more ammo, and you should never look a gift horse in the barrel...errr....mouth.

This race really has the ability to be pretty entertaining.  Tim's a fairly boring guy, but with just enough religious craziness to make good stories of.

As for the event, that's pretty funny, isn't it?  If you're buying insurance with a subsidies, it's because you want it.  If you didn't want it, you wouldn't be buying it; you'd just pay the fine and hold out for as long as you possibly could.  That's what a real "patriot" would do, anyway.

Poor babies.  They are pissed that the ACA is finally working, and that people are being covered.  So, they troll for the worst horror stories, and...even many of those don't turn out to be true.  They thought they were going to be able to ride the failed roll-out of the ACA until November.  Well...


And, the news is only going to get better.  Even Michigan's Medicare roll-out is on the way to meeting its enrollment numbers.  You guys are going to have to find something else to shill, 'cause people are increasingly not buying the health care apocalypse lie.

Totally off topic, but I see that the Livingston Democratic Party has managed to find candidates for every county commission district - apparently, for the first time in memory.  Things like this are important, and every single increase in turnout helps, however small, for the greater party.  Living in MI-08, I'm particularly heartened by this development with our open seat.  Everyone should have a voice, at least.

It looks better...
Fielding a full slate advances the perception that the party is a robust organization with significant support, rather than a bunch of pretenders and also-rans.  

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What a whack job...
Does this rube know how he sounds to normal people?
I've also met people who are now being helped by being subsidized who say I never want to be subsidized by the government."
Said no one ever.

Does he count as "helped" those who are not receiving a subsidy, but benefit greatly from the removal of lifetime benefit caps, elimination of pre-existing condition restrictions, or staying on Dad's policy until age 26?

I'm not sure which of my representatives is worse: Republican placeholder Walberg, publicity hound Rick Jones, or Mr. "labor freedom" Mike Shirkey.

That makes me glad I don't live in the Irish Hills any more
Right now, the worst person representing me is Pappageorge, and he's gone at the end of this year.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

[ Parent ]
If you live in Canton, you've hit the Daily Double
Kerry Bentivolio and Patrick Colbeck. Lucky me!

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

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