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This year's difference maker? Conservatives still in denial that they have a woman problem

by: Eric B.

Mon Apr 28, 2014 at 14:45:49 PM EDT

Saw Terri Lynn Land's awful, vacuous ad for the first time on the Tee Vee over the weekend. I'm still not sure what the point of it is, except to taunt Gary Peters and invite his campaign to put out an ad (another one) that highlights all of the things that Terri Lynn Land has done that would bely her nonsense about knowing what women want more than Gary Peters because she's a woman. I'm not sure what kind of person would be swayed by that kind of argument or who thinks it's at all strong.

Maxine Berman writes in Dome that this isn't a new phenomenon, pointing out that Land really follows the likes of Phyllis Schafley as being the female front for what is an anti-womens' rights conservative movement. It's worth pointing out that this is what the conservative movement has degenerated into, pandering to tokenism every time the conversation turns to demographic-driven policy: When we're talking about urban affairs, they toss out Ben Carson; when we talk about immigration, it's Marco Rubio or someone else. It's all like that. The very clear idea is that what is in truth a sexist, racist, homophobic conservative position (because, really, it's all about protecting wealthy people, most of whom still happen to be straight white men, so it's probably less about racism and more about protecting white privilege) is pushed as if it can't possibly be sexist, racist or homophobic because the mouthpiece is (respectively) a woman, an ethnic minority or a homosexual. Indeed, the "women want flexibility" argument finds a partial messenger, in Berman's column, in the wife of White House spokesman Jay Carney. A Democrat and a woman, but someone who frankly is not going to understand the everyday struggles of working women who don't have access to nearly limitless financial resources and power to get what would be harder for other people.

Terri Lynn Land is cut from this cloth. She has given more than $3 million of her and her husband's money to her campaigns and will probably give more. If you have $3 million sitting around to give to a campaign, it just simply makes the argument on its face that you don't actually appreciate the everyday struggles of other women. Anyone remember the Romney's trying to make the same basic argument?

From the other side of the gender argument, we've got Nolan Finley, who on Sundays makes a choice to either do opinion journalism or troll Democrats. Those are his two basic column formats. Yesterday, he concern trolled Democrats for not building a ticket through tokenism. This is Nolan Finley, who runs an editorial page that made the decision to run a column on Friday arguing that black people just simply didn't belong at the University of Michigan and should be happier attending trade schools. He writes about the Secretary of State.

So party leaders are looking at secretary of state as their diversity slot. They courted the usual suspects — Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum and perennial candidate Jocelyn Benson — but neither had an appetite for a long-shot race against incumbent Ruth Johnson.

After his recent column bashing Lisa Brown for, among other things, the unfortunate "milking the vagina business" language, you would think he'd have the good sense to veer away from taking weird swipes at Democratic women. But, he does just that here, referring to Jocelyn Benson, who has run for exactly one office, as a "perennial candidate." No doubt he's referring to constant speculation about her running for this office or that, and while it's true that she was mentioned as a possible Secretary of State candidate and Congressional candidate this year, most of that was coming from the media itself.

After all this, you have to wonder if, when it comes to women, whether Republicans and conservatives don't have a serious listening problem. It appears that they believe that their terrible polling among women is a result of not running female candidates, and not because they things they get behind are so odious. It feels like this is an across-the-board problem with everyone but white males, but where it gets them into trouble is that their election plan is already to basically write off everyone but white people. When they can't put together a more coherent sales pitch than just simply running a woman and expecting that to work, it creates the possibility of a significant unforced election year error.

Eric B. :: This year's difference maker? Conservatives still in denial that they have a woman problem
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but neither had an appetite for a long-shot race against incumbent Ruth Johnson.

"Long-shot race" my @ss. lol  Concern troll is concerned and is a troll.

have been sticking their foot in their mouth lately.

Did I expect Land to come out as being pro-life? Absolutely not. And I can even understand the opposing arguments on this issue (I don't agree with them, but I think there has been at least some thought put into their arguments). However, equal pay?? Who in their right mind, especially a woman, would be against EQUAL PAY.

Land is straight out of the 1950s with her thinking that women just want to be able to stay at home with the kids and take care of their husband. Not realizing that they should be able to do both (men as well, if they want to stay home with the kids, go for it!)

I've commented this on another thread, but this is the reason why adding Palin to the ticket in '08 did not help Repubs get the women vote. The majority of voters are not going to vote for someone just because they are the same race, gender, etc. Just like blacks would never have voted for Herman Cain and women didn't vote for Palin. (Although older white men seem to be the most apt to follow the "you look like me" style of voting).

- As for the Sec. of State race, I believe I read an article recently that quoted Lisa Brown as saying there was going to be come competition for it. I don't know I feel about that. Not only are we getting late into the election season, we are running against an incumbent. We don't have time for our candidates to fight for the spot (props to Lon Johnson for getting Gov and LG situated, not that many people seemed interested). I know someone mentioned this before but the loser in the Gregory/Barnett/Lipton Senate race could be a good candidate.  Possibly even the loser in Tlaib/Smith primary or the Lewis/Oakes primary? While I'd rather have a candidate before August, I don't see who else would want it.  

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