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Amway Guy's dad: I don't hate homosexuals. Some of my friends are homosexuals.

by: Eric B.

Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 15:27:48 PM EDT

One day, fifty years ago, Richard DeVos and Jay VanAndel struck upon a novel business model: Convince people to give their money to them for next to nothing in return. The hitch was figuring out how to do this, and their solution was elegant: Tell everyone that if they did it, they'd get wealthy. And, because people are greedy and stupid, it worked. Richard DeVos and Jay VanAndel became rich, as rich as Nazis. This was actually great foreshadowing of what the American economy would turn into, grifters conning their marks to surrender their accumulated wealth based merely on the promise that they would prosper as a result, but not actually delivering for most of them. It beats manufacturing goods and offering useful services.

We worship weath in this country, and worship wealthy people like they are gods themselves. Why do we do this? Because, again, we're greedy and stupid. So, we don't tend to ask a lot of questions about how someone accumulated their wealth. The mere fact that they have it is good enough for us most of the time. The same goes with the obvious con job that Rich and Jay pulled lo these many years ago, marketing the company as a soap company while overlooking that it's real product could be found on the motivational tapes being hawked at the weekend Amway getaways. No one cares, because by the time people started figuring out what Amway really was, Rich and Jay and their families were already so stinking rich that they ascended directly to 'Murica's Heaven.

That's why get get glurge like this hagiography from the Grand Rapids Press, where Rich DeVos expounds upon same-sex marriage thusly.

Q: How does that tie in with the gay marriage issue?

A: From that point on, that's when they were hanging me in effigy because I wasn't sympathetic to all of their requests for special treatment. Because at that time it was always somebody else's fault. And I said, "You are responsible for your actions, too, you know. Conduct yourself properly," which is a pretty solid Christian principle. You've got to take responsibility for your actions. It went from there to a series of requests for special treatment.

I would say, "I understand who you are. I accept who you are. Live your life. I will respect you. But don't keep asking for favors." Don't ask for a concession on the marriage issue, which is not vital to them, in my opinion. They've made it a vital issue because they want to.

This section and the section immediately after simply reeks of bigotry. Marriage is not vital for homosexuals. They're making a big deal out of it. Homosexuals are always blaming others for the bad things that happen to them. They are acting poorly. It's all pretty appalling.

Eric B. :: Amway Guy's dad: I don't hate homosexuals. Some of my friends are homosexuals.
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The worst thing he said was "special treatment"
He said it twice, and also accused LGBTs of asking for "favors" and "a concession." That's one hell of an awful way to say you respect someone.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

"special treatment"
The "special treatment" is always the most heinous characterization of this, for me.  These creeps have been doing this for decades, may, centuries.  Every time an oppressed group ask to simply be treated like everyone else, it's turned into an argument of "special treatment."  They did this during the women's sufffrage movement, the civil rights movement, etc...Equality is not "special treatment."

Honestly, this is horrible all by itself, but they add insult to injury when they cloak their bullsh%t in religion.  They are spitting on the cross as far as I'm concerned.

You're right about that.

Of course, considering the special treatment these Christians want (the power to tell other churches what marriages they may conduct, the power to put Christian displays on public property to the exclusion of all others, the power to have school kids recite their prayers), it's all about projection. It's always projection.

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