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Republican central committee gathers together, felons and bigots all

by: Eric B.

Sat May 03, 2014 at 11:37:26 AM EDT

An "anonymous" source sent along a Facebook screen grab this morning of Goat Killer standing on stage with the teabaggin' surgeon Dan Benishek at the Michigan Republican Party state central committee gathering in Antrim County. They were in the background and it was hard to make them out, but it also didn't appear that official spokesman of the Michigan Repubican Party Dave Agema appeared cowed into submission. Why not, he's the official spokesman of the Michigan Republican Party. He has nothing to fear.

Chad Selweski has a blog post about the gathering, asking if the Republican Party planned to do anything about it slowly being given over to bigots and felons like Trucker Randy and aspiring felons like Doug Sedenquist, the state central committee member who is accused in two states (plea deal in one!) of stalking his ex-wife. He's also accused of using a gun to keep police at bay or alternately to try to induce a suicide by cop death. The headline:

Will Michigan GOP address its crime problem this weekend?

The answer to that is, no. They will probably do nothing about their crime problem. If they did, they'd have to admit that they aren't barred by their bylaws from bouncing people who bring discredit and shame to the Michigan Republican Party and would therefore have to explain why they can bounce people accused of crimes but not bigots. Of course, most of us know that this is a bluff, that they can bounce people who discredit their organization, either by intepreting said authority into their bylaws or by following Robert's Rules of Order, which their bylaws says provides guidance for matters not covered by their bylaws. And, if they did that, they might lose and thereby prove the proposition that the Michigan Republican Party is a haven for homophobes. So, they continue to put up with felons and aspiring felons because it helps maintain the cover story.

Eric B. :: Republican central committee gathers together, felons and bigots all
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Can you imagine
Can you imagine if this were the Democratic Party what the GOP would be saying?  Suffice it to say - particular if the person(s) in question were black - we'd be hearing "thug" being thrown around more than once.

Imagine the media coverage
Aside from Chad Selweski's post, this and the underlying issues about what it says about the Republican Party, has garnered zero media coverage. You have one of our two political party that has a plank-making body that includes a convicted felon and a guy twice put in jail the last year for crimes related to harassing his ex-wife and an unreconstructed homophobe, and a party apparatus unwilling or unable to correct it, and no political reporters are interested in the story.

It's a genuine story, one of significant public interest, one that has impact, and a story full of intrigue and weird humor.

Among the Trees

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Can you imagine if this were the Democratic Party what the GOP would be saying?
It's not just the GOP who would be pointing it out--it'd be all over the news, if it were Democratic malfeasance. The media though has a visceral fear of being accused of liberal bias, so they bend over backwards to ignore the bad behavior of the far right.

Working the refs for thirty years has paid of handsomely for the GOP.

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30 yr payoffs
I'm curious as to just how many newspapers are left in Michigan that are not dominated by  Republicans, Teapublicans or right wing fringe philosophies. In any event they are a vanishing breed.  

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