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We're going to spend $4 billion in case North Korea invades the south in the next eight years

by: Eric B.

Thu May 08, 2014 at 14:32:15 PM EDT

Back in my Navy days, one of my shipmates had served aboard an Iowa-class battleship during the 80s. It was, he said, a great ship in every way. When I asked why they got rid of it, he said that every ship, no matter how great, can only be refitted so many times before its frame is simply too out of date to work with. It's like Windows XP. It's great and continues to be dependable, but eventually it just becomes obselete because it was never designed for today's apps.

I give you the fight to hold on to the Air Force's battleships of the Cold War.

The Air Force's A-10 close air support plane affectionately known as the "Warthog" survived another legislative battle for its life Wednesday evening, as the House Armed Services Committee put together its 2015 defense bill. 

The Air Force says retiring the plane would free up $4 billion for future war-fighting priorities, but supporters say there is no equivalent replacement to provide troops on the ground in battle with close air support. 

Retiring these things always sparks a good deal of nostalgia, like when the old Vietnam hands bemoaned the F-16s ability to take punishment like an F-4, or when guys who'd served aboard the Kidd-class destroyers said that we should keep them around because they're bad assed ships. They also cost money to keep on active duty, and the simple reality is that we're just not going to fight another war any time soon. How can I say that? For starters because the military is still a broken institution from the last two wars it fought. For seconders, we simply can't afford it. We're broke. As to the North Korean threat, that can be addressed simply and efficiently ... let the South Koreans buy them and keep them in the air.

Eric B. :: We're going to spend $4 billion in case North Korea invades the south in the next eight years
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