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Bird brains of a feather

by: Eric B.

Fri May 09, 2014 at 18:05:44 PM EDT

The other day, predictions were made that various rightwing media figures would by November have etched the named Tom Steyer in the bizarre lexicon known only to wingnuts: A man previously known only an obscure hedge fund manager concerned into a grade A recinarnation of an America-hating Fu Man Chu bent on destruction of the industrialized world. What sins has he committed? He is concerned about inaction in the face of climate change. Today, we get a step closer to that reality with an opinion piece written by Henry Payne, a man who couldn't meet the standards of the Detroit News opinion page and was reassigned to covering cars.

“One of my main concerns with the Keystone pipeline is that we will be seeing piles of pet-coke in a lot of other places in the United States, because it is a main byproduct of refining Canadian oil,” Peters told London’s Guardian last June. “What we are seeing in Detroit now will be dwarfed by more oil coming through here with Keystone. This is just a glimpse of that future reality.”

Peters’s opposition made him a darling of green activists and their media allies, from the Detroit Free Press to the New York Times. The resulting wave of bad press ultimately forced Koch Industries, which owns the pet coke, to send its business to neighboring Toledo, Ohio. 

As night follows day, Peters’s campaign won him an audience with Tom Steyer.

What follows is par for the course Payne, seeing nefarious, underhanded connivances everywhere and anywhere, and alleging that a $400,000 contribution that helped fund a $1 million ad buy in seven states constitutes Steyer "bankrolling" Gary Peters. We finally learn WHAT ALL THIS MEANS with a quote from Terri Lynn Land's people.

“Congressman Peters has sold out the workers of Michigan to a liberal California billionaire,” says a spokesperson for Land. “Keystone means more jobs, lower gas prices, and greater American energy independ-ence, but to Gary Peters, opposing it means a political meal ticket.”

It is one of the great mysteries of the world how a pipeline constructed north-south across the Great Plains a time zone and a half west of Michigan would have created more jobs in Michigan, just as it is one of the great mysteries of life how Canadian tar sands would increase American energy independence.

But the real peach today belongs to Fried Chicken Frank, who writes about this week's National Climate Assessment, demonstrating the same unique insights and wisdom on the topic of climate change than only Fried Chicken Frank is capable producing.

The Obama administration’s war on affordable energy ramped up a major notch this week with release of the government’s latest guess about future weather events, something it calls the “National Climate Assessment.”

That's what the Obama people call it. Presumably Fried Chicken Frank would call it something else, like "Lies my Kenyan overlord tell to crush Sweet Lady Liberty."

A cursory glance of the participants shows no participation by climate realists but leading report authors from environmental political action groups like Second Nature, The Nature Conservancy, Planet Forward, and the misnamed Union of Concerned Scientists, a group that is not made up of scientists at all and which also advocates for unilateral U.S. nuclear disarmament.

Who are these climate realists of whom Fried Chicken Frank speaks? He is silent on this, leaving us to assume that these are people who say things that Fried Chicken Frank knows intuitively to be true. As for the participants, you can forgive Fried Chicken Frank for thinking that the report was mostly written by hippies. A scan of the participants (page vi) shows that almost all of them have highly confusing titles or organizations that they represent, like NOAA and the University of Michigan. This early into the column, it's best not to overtax oneself with too much research. 

This is especially the case if you're going to dabble in libel.

Meantime, the mild temperature increase late last century has been replaced by 17 years — almost two decades — of pauses and mild cooling, despite increasing levels of harmless CO2 in the atmosphere and despite the doctored U.S. temperature record created over the past two decades by activist James Hansen of NASA.

It would be most interesting to ask Fried Chicken Frank to present evidence that James Hansen had doctored the temperature record over the last two decades, a feat made more difficult by the fact that there are four of them and fakery in one of them would become immediately apparent since all four are regularly compared. But, finally later on, we get the nut of this dark conspiracy.

The greatest danger of the latest report from the Obama administration is not the realization that our government is again trying to mislead the American public, like it did on Benghazi and Obamacare, but the cost it threatens to impose on Americans through higher energy costs and job losses, especially in states like West Virginia that rely on coal, and North Dakota which has been booming because of oil exploration.

He forgot the IRS scandal and Fast and the Furious, but at least he hit Benghazi. Always must hit Benghazi.

Eric B. :: Bird brains of a feather
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So desperate
"Congressman Peters has sold out the workers of Michigan to a liberal California billionaire," says a spokesperson for Land. "Keystone means more jobs, lower gas prices, and greater American energy independ-ence, but to Gary Peters, opposing it means a political meal ticket."

I can practically smell the desperation off the Land campaign.  After their Obamacare attacks against Peters blew up in their faces (after polling up or tied on Peters earlier in the year, Peters has since actually pulled ahead of Land, lately, in the more reputable polls), they are trying to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks.

Speaking for the 1%
He speaks for the 1% in income as well as climate science! Job creators and climate realists.

"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool." - Shakespeare  

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