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Did Nolan Finley really just call for a special prosecutor in the IRS dog-and-pony show?

by: Eric B.

Thu May 22, 2014 at 15:00:00 PM EDT

Last year right around this time, we were led to believe that the impeachment of Barack HUSSEIN Obama was imminent for crimes related to Benghazi/the IRS/Fast the the Furious/ Solyndra/being Muslim/Teapot Dome/the sack of Constantinople. Then, it turned out that none of that stuff stuck like the rightwing wanted it to stick, mostly because there was no substance to any of it except Teapot Dome, which had the unfortunate luck of happening more than 75 years ago. People thought the IRS scandal was going to be the real one because everyone hates the IRS and assumes that every taut political thriller (and episode of House of Cards) are in fact quasi-documentaries about how things really work (most of my beliefs about American government I learned while watching Shooter on TNT for the sixth time). Then, it turned out that there wasn't anything to it because the organizations targeted probably should have been targeted because they don't in fact merit tax-exempt status, and because progressive groups were targeted alongside conservative ones. But, the story has shambled along in the rightwing media because no terrible, debunked scandal story ever dies in the rightwing media, until finally someone immersed in it -- like Nolan Finley -- decides that he's had enough this election year and calls for a special prosecutor.

To sum up his column: Judicial Watch, an organization founded by a guy who last year called for an armed coup d'etat against the president, released e-mails from Carl Levin's office asing the IRS to investigate organizations that Levin's office didn't merit tax exempt status because -- like every related organization -- they don't merit tax exempt status. But the very fact that most of them were conservative groups are proof positive that Levin is tainted and can't run the investigation, so Nolan Finley, who thinks the plot is thickened by the fact that only rightwing media outlets (the same basic people behind the endless "Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster and Ron Brown" insinuations), thinks it's time to waste everyone's time and money on an independent investigator for a scandal that amounted to nothing last year.

The End.

Eric B. :: Did Nolan Finley really just call for a special prosecutor in the IRS dog-and-pony show?
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They are desperate for something, anything, that they can use to tar Hillary Clinton. If the best they can do is to cast aspersions on Barack Obama, then that's what they'll do. After all, a significant number of voters were in grade school during the 90s, and have no memory of the Clinton presidency or the Republican freakout associated with the Big Dog's tenure. They are even willing to take the chance that the public will punish them at the polls for their nonsense if nothing comes of it.

Republicans can't run on their record--they don't have one unless you count the nearly five dozen votes to repeal the ACA, or the government shutdown.

As to the IRS deal, no right wing groups were denied tax exempt status anyway, AFAIK, which will cause most sane folks to conclude that this is indeed nothing more than yet another politically motivated witch hunt.

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