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State political media still giggling over terrible performance by Terri Lynn Land

by: Eric B.

Thu May 29, 2014 at 16:00:00 PM EDT

For months, everyone talked about what a formidible candidate Terri Lynn Land is based on some early polls that had her close to Gary Peters. Of course, everyone had to forget that the campaign hadn't really started and that no one really gives a shit about who is running for what the January before an election. What it did do was make everyone forget that her experience running for Secretary of State was basically the same thing as experience running for the University of Michigan Board of Regents. It also glossed over what political insiders were saying about her, that she's had all the makings of a terrible candidate and wasn't really up to the task of beating Gary Peters and that her best chances of winning were rooted in fleeing from reporters and never giving anyone an idea of what a lightweight she really is. Then, the veil was stripped away this week on Mackinac. Jack Lessenberry sums it up nicely.

Land was absolutely dreadful. She came across like a high school student who had memorized a speech. You had the terrible sensation that if interrupted, she would have had to start all over from the beginning. She spoke in slogans, seemed incapable of providing specific answers, and seemed not to understand the current hot-button issue of “Internet neutrality,” which threatens to allow rich conglomerates to dominate cyberspace.

Chad Selweski aggregates the coverage.

Also, I'm glad someone else noted how thoroughly dumb was that ad throughout which she just sat there, looking around and drinking coffee. I'm a little shocked that people think it's news that the ad failed to sway female voters to support her, because it says that people don't have a very high opinion of female voters.

Eric B. :: State political media still giggling over terrible performance by Terri Lynn Land
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She is truly stupid. The Internet should be "free" in reference to net neutrality? Reading off of index cards?

I love it. Had the Republicans run someone with a brain against Gary Peters, they'd likely win. That would, however, require the Republicans having someone in their party with a brain.

Gary Peters will destroy her in a debate with a smile... ala Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin. It will be top-notch television.  

I don't expect her to destroy herself in a debate.
When her handlers finally agree to a format, it will be one which allows her to read her remarks from a teleprompter or some similar arrangement.  She certainly won't agree to a genuine give-and-take debate.

What is likely to finish her off - if anything does - will be some screw-up which can be easily repeated by the media.  For those of a certain age, I might mention Dick Austin in 1994, forgetting exactly what "pro-choice" means in a political sense, and being unable to say which side he was on.  It was not relevant to his re-election as Secretary of State, but it wasn't hard to figure out that his brain had gone on break and hadn't punched back in yet.

Because the media folks are primed for Land to play the part of deer - in - headlight, they're apt to pounce on anything that seems to make the point, even if it's something they'd ordinarily overlook.  

The meme that Land has to be hidden from the press is already taking shape.  If her handlers were really, really good, they'd be trying to figure out how to face it down and prevent it from spreading.

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She already agreed to appear more often
Gongwer had something yesterday about this and it said that she's already agreed to appear more often publicly and will go on air with Rick Pluta. The thing, though, is that the last time I taped Off the Record, there seemed to be an underlying consensus between Skubick and Jack Spencer that Land is just a terrible candidate. So there could be an internal confidence hurdle.

Among the Trees

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