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Today in campaign news: Lil' Fella leads and the stink of Bob King's meddling fingers

by: Eric B.

Tue Jun 03, 2014 at 12:30:00 PM EDT

*--Everyone's been buzzing nationwide about how the reviled GOP Establishment has been crushing the Tea Party loonies all over the place. And, then a poll came out giving Koo Koo Kerry the lead over the Vampire of Misfortune. Another poll is out, and Lil' Fella is up on Brian Ellis. Somewhere, an orange man has a sad.

*--Meanwhile, and I was led to believe that the David Sterling thing had convinced us that the NBA was a failed enterprise, but apparently it isn't and some participant in it says he was approached to run for Carl Levin's Senate seat. Maybe the lad was confused and the race that Bob King approached him to run in was really the gubernatorial one (we assume it's Bob King, he's the only person who would have been dumb enough to undercut Gary Peters like that.

*--P.S. ... back when Bob King tried to get Gretchen Whitmer to run for governor, a bunch of people insisted that it was the death knell for Mark Schauer. Was that worse for his campaign than last week's hike in the minimum wage and non-endorsement endorsement of ending workplace discrimination for LGBT folks? Just askin'.

Eric B. :: Today in campaign news: Lil' Fella leads and the stink of Bob King's meddling fingers
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RTL and Battier
Right to Life had a commercial in which they basically went after Amash on abortion. Either people have forgotten that ad (likely), or Right to Life doesn't have the clout it used to in West Michigan (also likely).

As for the whole Battier thing: When they say the "Michigan Democratic Party" asked him to run, it's not quite clear who/what is meant by that. This could refer to any of a large number of entities. I highly doubt anyone in the Michigan Democratic Party itself (i.e. Lon Johnson, Garrett Arwa, etc.) actually approached him. From early on it seemed like we had a candidate in Peters; even if others might have considered it, we didn't have to reach out and ask people to run.

Of course, that all assumes that (a) someone did approach Battier, and (b) that someone was actually a Democrat.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

Re: death knell
Passing road funding will be the nail in the coffin for Schauer!  

David Sterling

The NBA is hardly a failed enterprise
The Milwaukee Bucks, one the worst operations in the league, were recently sold for far more than Forbes magazine estimated; and Steve Ballmer's offer for the Clippers was about twice what the sporting press estimated the franchise would sell for.

I'm not an NBA fan but for some reason, franchises are in great demand among the .01%.

As for Shane Battier, he became famous as a player whose contributions didn't show up in the box score but whose teams played much better with him on the floor.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

NBA's 0.0001%'ers Are Mostly Democrats
The referenced Milwaukee Bucks were owned by liberal stalwart, Senator Herb Kohl, prior to the recent sale.

A check on contributions shows the majority of owners who are active contributors, as well as the Commissioners, lining up with the Blue Team

Recently Retired Cmsr. David Stern and newly named Cmsr. Adam Silver both have been long-time Dem contributors, with Stern over $1 million in lifetime contributions and Silver an early Obama supporter.

Unfortunately, owners with Michigan ties go far right, with DeVos owning the Orland Magic and Dan Gilbert the Cleveland Cavs. While DeVos is well-known politically, less well-known would be Gilbert's political profile, which has seen over $140,000 go to Republicans and $1,000 to Dems in the last three cycles. The single Dem contribution went to Senator Dan Inoyue in 2009.Over the same cycle, the new Pistons owner, Tom Gores, made equal contribution to both parties' national committee organizations.

As a sidebar, I have a hunch about Gilbert...he'll be running for something down the road. Maybe against Debbie in 2016 or against Gary four years thereafter.

[ Parent ]
Sort of surprised about Gilbert's affiliation.

However, if he does decide to run, I'm not sure how well-liked he actually is by most people. While alot of people like seeing his investment in Detroit, in a few short years when he starts jacking up the prices on his tenants (which is already happening), his popularity wall fall considerably. I think alot of people already see him as someone who is just taking advantage of the situation for personal gain.

I compare him sometimes to a wealthier Geoffrey Fieger (what were we thinking nominating him as our candidate back in the day). Very well known and good at what they do, but not as well-liked as they could be. If he did run, Debbie would be the more vulnerable between her and Peters. With Peters' younger age, great fundraising ability, and work ethic, I don't see him ever losing that seat unless he runs for something else or retires.  

[ Parent ]
Quite a contrast to the NFL's owners
Those guys are slightly to the left of the German business community circa 1933.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

[ Parent ]
not my district and I know nothing about Brian Ellis, but I assume he is related to all of the Ellis parking lots that blight the downtown GR landscape with expensive parking spaces.  maybe people are taking out their parking rage on him.

Not as far as I can tell
Neither the Ellis for Congress nor the Ellis Parking websites bear any mention of the other.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
vp of ellis parking?
MI campaign finance records include donations from a brian ellis who lists his occupation as vp of ellis parking.  though, not sure if it is the same brian ellis  

[ Parent ]

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