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America's least necessary political movement mansplains humor to Nancy Kaffer

by: Eric B.

Fri Jun 06, 2014 at 08:58:00 AM EDT

A few years ago, I took an objective look at the men's rights movement. I'm mostly a single dad, so I thought maybe there was something in it for me. Therre wasn't, and I wrote a column saying so and that I was happy that Mike Cox was aggressively pursuing deadbeats ... and was deluged with e-mails from members of the men's rights movement. They all basically followed the same format: My crazy bitch ex-girlfriend/wife gets all my money and I don't even get to fuck her anymore ... which I wouldn't do because she was lousy in the sack. One correspondent in particular lamented the idea that if he earned a salary of $1 million that he be expected to fork over half of it for the care of the child he helped create. It was revealing and disturbing at the same time.

Anyway, Nancy Kaffer wrote a column on that stupid, awful, unfunny joke pic from the House yesterday. I should note that later versions of the story include the assertion that the three yahoos in question all claim they were given those magazines by a female member of their caucus (always seems to be one of those handy when cover is needed for something like this, doesn't there?), and how it was all innocent fun for the sake of a reporter and won't you people stop bothering us over this already.

My 82-year-old mother firmly believes that the gains made during her lifetime by the feminist movement are slowly disappearing. And during a week in which I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to know about the men’s rights movement (and an online community in the related “manosphere,” that has gleefully adopted the term “going Elliott,” a reference to California man Elliott Rodger, who murdered several woman because he felt they owed him sex), seen a slew of reports of female celebrities eschewing feminism, and this delightful picture from our state House — well, it’s hard to say she’s wrong.

The real joy of the thing comes down below, in the comments section.  Included are the usual litany of complaints you'll get from the mens' rights movement: Relax, it was just a joke; some guy says his friend was assaulted with a frying pan (just like in all the hilarious domestic violence scenes in film!) before being legally robbed through the courts; horrid bitch stole my sperm and now I can't see my kid.

Yesterday, when that photo was being passed around on social media, lots of people felt that it aptly represented a Lansing bubble that has advanced exactly zero steps in 30 years (between Rick Jones calling Kelly Rossman a prostitute and Vaginagate and now this, there's reason to believe it), but I tend to believe that the rest of society isn't a hell of a lot better. It's just hidden better, kind of like the Secret White Club by which some white people believe that they're safe to let their racist flag fly when they're around other white people because -- ya know -- we all secretly agree but aren't allowed to publicly because theh PC police will drag us away.

Eric B. :: America's least necessary political movement mansplains humor to Nancy Kaffer
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I had a similar experience eight years ago with with the men's rights movement
It was with the regular posters of soc.men when I was a regular of alt.usenet.kooks (AUK) from 2005-2009.  I quickly came to the same conclusion about soc.men that most of the rest of the regulars of AUK had already arrived at; the posters were a bunch of fruits and nuts (one of our nicknames for the group was soc.fr00ts) and their group was an outpost of macho posing that the regulars of AUK called Fort Machismo.  We didn't think very highly of them or their cause.  In fact, we thought they were both repugnant and ridiculous.

A year after I started posting to AUK, I got recruited into a proposal to create a moderated version of soc.men.  It was intended to be a troll, but it had an ostensibly serious purpose--to contain the men's rights movement in a controlled environment where the ideas could be discussed civilly without external disruption.  On the one hand, the effort succeeded; the moderated group was created.  On the other hand, it was a dismal failure; the men's rights advocates didn't want a moderated group.  They much preferred an environment where they could continue to be disruptive bullies.  I was even less favorably impressed with soc.men after that.  At the time, I mocked them as just insane and organized enough to be almost dangerous.  After this week, I'm no longer laughing at them.  They have graduated to being a real threat.

Since I am a good environmentalist who recycles, I've reposted my comments at the time about the experience and how it cemented my opinion of soc.men as a representative of the online men's rights movement at my blog: Recycled comments about the men's rights movement.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

Mens rights...
I wonder how much overlap there is between these guys and the clowns who complain that there's no white history month.

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