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Henry Payne's deep concern for the energy sector equivalent of the buggy whip factory

by: Eric B.

Fri Jun 06, 2014 at 11:00:00 AM EDT

Over the last several years, no man has been a more tireless advocate on behalf of coal energy than Henry Payne. What is his fascination with the primary energy feedstock that helped make it that the sun never set on the British Empire? One suspects it has a lot less to do with his love of coal and more to do with his noted hatred for climate change. Oh, he doesn't actually know anything about climate change, he once told a panel of climate scientists that ClimateGate had reduced their entire line of scientific inquiry to a smoking ruin, but he is intuitively certain that climate change is a hoax. Written as much, in fact.

He has a new doodle that he's put together on behalf of coal miners everywhere. It's at least a step up from those darling pictures he used to put together during every cold snap showing people standing in snow drifts with icicles hanging off their noses puzzling about what happened to all the global warming (ignoring that the globe is separated into two hemispheres, the two alternating because of our wobbly course around the sun between winter and summer).

It shows a bunch of coal miners headed to the unemployment line and John Kerry sitting in the back of a black car, asking, "What's the worst that can happen?" which I guess is supposed to mean that it will be bad if coal miners lose their jobs because we transition to a different energy feedstock because of global warming, which as detailed previously he thinks is a hoax and part of a communist plot. I'm surprised that the cartoon didn't show John Kerry holding a Philly cheesesteak with an arrow pointing to the Swiss cheese on top.

It goes without saying that even before John Kerry became Secretary of State and made climate change a priority of his office (the people already suffering the worst from it do live in other countries, after all), that the bottom had already fallen out from under the coal market thanks in large part to the access to abundant stores of natural gas from fracking technology. As a technology, that is nearly as hated by the hippies that Payne appears to imagine are communist quislings on climate change. But, you get the point, John Kerry is an effete snob who hates coal miners for no particular reason.

Eric B. :: Henry Payne's deep concern for the energy sector equivalent of the buggy whip factory
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Payne is blindingly ignorant of the mining industry
Automation is the number-one reason for mining jobs disappearing. And mine owners were replacing humans with machines even before scientists discovered the link between greenhouse gas emissions and rising temperatures.

As for hippies, if they hadn't existed, the right wing would have invented them.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Instead of a large crew
of miners trudging into a hole in the ground each day, we now have a few heavy equipment operators taking the top off the mountain, scooping the coal up into giant trucks, and throwing the leftovers into the nearest valley or river. Has it occurred to Payne and his cohort of morons that all these idle hands could be put to work building windmills, revamping our primitive grid, and installing solar panels?

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