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CapCon drone confused by zoning regulations

by: Eric B.

Tue Jun 10, 2014 at 14:00:00 PM EDT

Got a friend who works in municipal zoning. Every so often, she shared privately some hilarious run-in she's had with an irate citizen who was told that they weren't allowed to do something. One of the first ones she told me about was that the local cops had to go to an apartment complex and tell a tenant that goats were not permitted under city rules. Can't quite remember if the goat in question was a pet, or if people suspected that it was going to be slaughtered and eaten.

On a related note, if you pay attention to urban farming issues, you probably saw something about how the Department of Ag or someone set rules prohibiting small, urban farms from receiving protection from the state's Right to Farm Act. There was an awful lot of fear that it was going to destroy backyard farming operations, which isn't quite true ... it only means that backyard farming operations can't qualify for protection from nuisance complaints under Right to Farm. It's a bit overwrought, since local communities can still make local rules under which backyard farming operations -- including the raising of livestock -- can operate.

The bottom line ... there is no city in the state where you can just show up with a herd of livestock and not run afoul some kind of rules. They aren't rules designed to crush your sense of creativity, but only make sure that what you're doing doesn't clutter up your property, or put the property values or even health and well being of your neighbors at risk.

Leave it to the Mackinac Center to take issue with this.

This shows up prominently once again in its recent treatment of a group of goats brought into the Brightmoor neighborhood to clear up weeds and unwanted vegetation. It took only one day for officials to evict the animals with nary an explanation.

Nary an explanation? This is from one of the articles the author linked to.

By Friday afternoon, officials from Detroit’s animal control showed up and ordered the animals removed. The project never received city permission. City ordinance 6-1-3 bans farm and wild animals.

The entire post is about how this is the product of "regulation run amuck," and it gives us an idea of government as envisioned by the Mackinac Center: An entity powerless to prevent people from letting weeds grow to feed herds of goats, which is the sort of thing that prompted our Bronze Age ancestors to leave the fields and set up cities in the first place.

Eric B. :: CapCon drone confused by zoning regulations
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