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Great news: The part-time Legislature nutters have lost this year

by: Eric B.

Wed Jun 11, 2014 at 18:43:38 PM EDT

This is from Twitter, but it's seconded by both Gongwer and MIRS, so it must be true. These people lost, and it was another cause championed by Goat Killler, whose causes are out of touch and unpopular.
Eric B. :: Great news: The part-time Legislature nutters have lost this year
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starting over from scratch, what would be an ideal legislative body?
I would like to see an enlarged unicameral legislature with multi-member districts in which most of the members are part-time but a core group would remain full-time.  As an example, the body could include 300 total members with only 30 being full-time members.  The full-time members would be responsible for committee work and legislation drafting.  The part-time members would be called in a few times a year simply to vote.  The full-time members would be elected by the members in proportion to party membership, such that each party would get to elect 10% of its members to be full-time members.  Rules could be established to ensure a desired level of stability/turn-over of full-time members.

The state would be divided into 100 districts with each district electing 3 members.  Proportional representation, cumulative voting, or other voting techniques would be used to foster third party participation.

Matters requiring super majorities could be addressed by requiring not only a certain threshold of members, but also a certain number of districts (as determined by the sum of the member's votes in a district) voting in favor.  

A unicameral legislature attempts to make the legislature more responsive.  One of the primary reasons for having a senate is to slow down the legislative process.  Given the constant complaint that nothing ever gets done in Lansing, the public seems to desire action rather than inaction.

Multi-member districts helps ensure that every voter has an advocate in Lansing.  With single member winner-take-all elections, many voters have do not have district level representation in the legislature.  This leads to a sense of alienation and can affect voter engagement.

So they
didn't succeed enough.

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