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Fred Upton's mad plan to fly the airplane into the side of the mountain

by: Eric B.

Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 15:00:00 PM EDT

For years, I used to tell people that as it applied to climate change, the primary difference between Democrats and Republicans was that while Democrats were satisfied with flying the airplane into the side of the mountain at only 85 percent throttle, that Republicans not only wanted to do it with the throttle all the way open and the gas pedal pressed down so hard that it punched a hole in the floor but did it while laughing hysterically and babbling that the mountain couldn't possibly exist just because you could see it looming up in the distance. Today, I give you Fred Upton, the once-reasonable Congressman who became a barking madman when Jack Hoogendyk threatened to give his seat to Club for Growth.

"The U.S. has entered an era of energy abundance, and now we need the architecture -- the infrastructure and policies -- to support it," he said in his Saturday address.

In its monthly market report, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said it estimated U.S. oil production in May averaged 8.4 million bpd, the highest monthly average in a quarter century.

Some U.S. lawmakers say the increased output means the government should embrace more oil exports and pipelines like Keystone XL to take advantage of the situation.

The House Republican energy plan, at a time when overwhelming evidence -- that continues to mount -- says that pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is making life a dicier prospect by subjecting climate patterns to potentially extreme changes, is to pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

This is not insanity in the "Doing the same thing every time and expecting different results" sense. This is insanity in the "If you kick me in the balls, I am convinced that it will not hurt" sense.

Eric B. :: Fred Upton's mad plan to fly the airplane into the side of the mountain
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The fossil fuel companies
and their servants are on a mission to convince the public that the logic behind pushing renewables is not mitigation of climate change, but instead is driven by our need to buy oil from our enemies. And since we have discovered all these wonderful new energy sources--tar sands, natural gas, frackable oil--our problems are solved, according to them, if only those silly environmentalists will STFU. Drill baby drill, right?

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