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Bill Maher declares war on America's most hated Congressperson and Tim Walberg

by: Eric B.

Tue Jun 24, 2014 at 10:46:46 AM EDT

The number of Michigan Congresscritters in Bill Maher's Flip A  District tournament now number three: Koo Koo Kerry, America's Most Hated Congressperson and rustic yahoo Tim Walberg. America's Most Hated Congressperson at least sees benefit in this.

Given that Benishek is running for re-election and has both primary and general election opponents, his campaign has turned Maher’s insult into a badge-of-honor and fund-raising opportunity by reminding voters that “Obama and his allies have sent out marching orders to their cronies in the liberal media. Go on the attack. Take me out.”

This is very strange, since his most serious challenge at this point is probably winning his primary election and not beating Jerry Cannon in November. But, still, ya's gots to make your mojo where ya's can.

Eric B. :: Bill Maher declares war on America's most hated Congressperson and Tim Walberg
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Flip a District
Has been fun to watch and speculate on who Maher is going to pick. Personally, I think Maher will pick someone who has at least a decent shot of losing already, who has a solid dem. candidate running against them, and someone who would be fun to watch lose.

While Benishek might be the easiest to beat, and Cannon is a good candidate, the U.P. might not have the interest Maher is hoping to garner.

"Real Time" is an entertainment program first
So you're pretty close when you mention Maher and his producers wanting the #FlipADistrict winner to be "someone who would be fun to watch lose."

More properly, the winner will be the District Bill Maher can tap for the greatest comedy and entertainment value.

It's the reason why so many Districts that might be better candidates for an actual "red to blue" flip aren't making the cut.

It's also the reason the 11th was one of the first Districts named -- the cast of characters is like a reality TV showrunner's dream, and the events leading up to the present race are rife with absurdity.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

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