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Congressional campaign conducted entirely in wingnut fantasy land

by: Eric B.

Tue Jun 24, 2014 at 13:00:00 PM EDT

This is why we can't have nice things.

Ellis has also attacked Rep. Amash for not voting for the Keystone pipeline.

"Every other Republican voted 'yes,' " Ellis said.

Rep. Amash said he didn't vote "yes," because the bill had language in it that he couldn't support.

"I voted 'present' instead of 'yes' because the bill singled out Trans Canada as the only entity that would be allowed to build it," Rep. Amash said. "I believe in our Constitution and the rule of law. I have a rule that I will not vote for legislation that singles out something or someone for special treatment or punishment. Legislation should have general application."

It's part of a much longer and more involved article on the race, but these paragraphs sum up the content nicely: Lil' Fella believes that the perfect should be the enemy of the good, while his opponent thinks that a pipeline that would run through the country three states to the west is of dire importance to the people in the Congressional district he is running in. The punchline is that the reason he is doing this is that voters expected to participate in his primary probably mostly believe that, too.

This is to say nothing about the pipeline itself, which would transport the dirtiest form of hydrocarbon energy imaginable -- hydrocarbon only now being exploited because actual petroleum is expensive -- to Texas, where it would be sent off to the global energy market.

These people are all delusional.

Meanwhile, a dismal sign of just where the Overton Window rests.

GRAND RAPIDS (WKZO) -- Congressional candidate Brian Ellis is continuing to slam the incumbent he's running against. Ellis is running as a Republican to defeat Congressman Justin Amash in the upcoming primary, saying that Amash isn't a true conservative. The Grand Rapids businessman says that Amash hasn't shown himself to be pro life, and has also stopped progress form being made on reducing the deficit. He notes that Amash voted against the Paul Ryan budget that he says would have reduced federal spending by five trillion dollars.

In circles populated by persons not entirely detached by ideological rigidity, it is now mostly universally accepted that austerity failed and is holding back our recovery. The Ryan budget was austerity on cocaine. Brian Ellis thinks policy that failed in every way is a good idea, and is criticizing Lil' Fella because Lil' Fella wants failed policy on steroids.

Eric B. :: Congressional campaign conducted entirely in wingnut fantasy land
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"Amash hasn't shown himself to be pro life." Really?
The record says otherwise. Amash has said that he believes life begins at conception, and has voted for the odious No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.

Maybe if Amash called for the public stoning of abortion providers and life in prison for women who had an abortion, he'd meet Ellis's litmus test.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Republicans lie.
It's what they do, even about each other when the occasion demands it.

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