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History's greatest Senate candidate doesn't Koch brothers question

by: Eric B.

Wed Jul 02, 2014 at 16:25:57 PM EDT

Jack Lessenberry has a pretty great column about the Senate race. Go read it.

Currently, she is better known statewide than the man the Democrats are going to run, Oakland and Wayne County Congressman Gary Peters. But Peters is ahead by between five and nine points in the polls, seems to be lengthening his lead, and there are signs this race may be spinning out of control.

Last month, the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, which normally endorses Republicans, endorsed Peters. That may not mean a lot of votes in itself. 

But it sends a coded message to big-money out of state Republican donors, which is: Don’t waste your money here.

He goes on to talk about how poorly Land has done the last couple of months. None of that shojld surprise anyone who follows Michigan politics closely, because there was always a fear that she's a shitty, shitty candidate who'd crumble on the campaign trail.

There was some attempts at damage control right after she bombed at Mackinac, that they were going to have her do more interviews so she could prepare for the fall. As Lessenberry notes, she hasn't really done that and it appears that the campaign strategy is to hide her from as much scrutiny as is possible. I'd take that as a sign that the people propping her up really don't think she's salvageable.

She went on and did a Tee Vee spot in Flint, and it didn't go well. Asked about Hobby Lobby, she referred to a closely-held business (not religious beliefs) and then there was this exchange over Koch support. Here's the meat.

Question: This endorsement ... is this another move by the Koch brothers to influence the election? Do you want to address that? [Land allows NFIB official to respond] Clearly Mrs. Land did not. 

This was on the occasion of Land announcing that she'd been endorsed by National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Eric B. :: History's greatest Senate candidate doesn't Koch brothers question
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My inner English teacher can't resist this
Your title is unintentionally ambiguous.  It looks like it should read "History's greatest Senate candidate doesn't [answer] Koch brothers question."  That makes perfect sense given the content.  However, the alternative reading looks like Yoda trying to say "History's greatest Senate candidate doesn't question Koch brothers."  I like that one, too.  I'm sure she doesn't.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

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