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Let me introduce you to the hell of living in a district with a Republican Congressional primary

by: Eric B.

Mon Jul 14, 2014 at 13:36:42 PM EDT

As a rule, I like primaries in theory but hate them in practice. It's not the work of democracy, mind you. It's the annoying way they become an overbearing millstone around everyone's neck. It starts awful and gets worse and at the end of it everyone involved feels nothing but regret and loathing. That includes people who follow the damn things and write about them (that would be me).

Four years ago, for instance, there was this guy named Michael Trebesh running for the state Senate against our current lieutenant governor, Brian Calley. He filled my God damned mailbox with campaign mailings, sometimes two arrived in one day. I wrote a column about it, and he responded by writen a letter to the editor accusing me of trying to violate his Constitutional right to send out junk mail. And kept mailing shit to me. So, I wrote another column about it, and was advised by a guy now serving as a city commissioner to tell the Post Office that his mailings were pornographic in nature so they'd stop delivering them. Trebesh responded by building an entire campaign mailing about how I was influencing the race somehow (me and Phil Power, because the Michigan Truth Squad said that he was lying somewhere in the voluminous number of horrible things he said about Calley ... like saying that he wasn't really pro-Life while Calley was in an Ann Arbor hospital awaiting emergency heart surgery on his infant daughter). He also mentioned a different column I wrote in which I referred to a giant statue of Jesus in southern Ohio as an eyesore on the occasion of it being struck by lightning and torched (I believe I referred to the incident as part of God's war on roadside drek).

I've had flashbacks the last month as the amount of junk mail from Paul Mitchell, candidate for the Republican nomination here in the 4th Congressional District, piles up*. The mail carrier and I have a running joke, where he hands it to me and says something like, "Someone really wants you to buy his shampoo." I respond by telling him that I'm sorry for the wear and tear on his knees.

This was supposed to be a quiet primary, where Dave Camp's annointed successor, state Sen. John Moolenaar, was given a promotion to Congress. Instead, as noted, it's become irritating.

The attacks have stepped up the battle for a solidly Republican U.S. House seat that will be all but decided in the Aug. 5 primary. The two top candidates, who have low-key, nice-guy images, may slug it out mostly through ads and proxies.

And, mailings. Please, for the love of God, make it stop.

*--Actually, things have been a bit quiet since I posted about this last week. Hopefully, someone on his campaign noticed and got me off their mailing list.

Eric B. :: Let me introduce you to the hell of living in a district with a Republican Congressional primary
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And the tv ads
The many, many tv ads from the real conservative.  I don't even live in his district.

The ads? Better and better!
They started with Paul Mitchell as affable accordion-playing uncle, and soon went ballistic with attack ads against Moolenaar, scored with lair-of-the-serial-killer music--he voted to raise taxes!
And there's actually a REAL conservative third candidate up north who wants to repeal the Third Law of Motion--because freedom!
It's now on the front page of the News, so someone's going to fire up Tim Skubick's "Yes-If-Not-No" columnbot to generate 300 randomly chosen words.  

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No, but you live in the same network TV market as at least part of the Congressional district, which is why you (and I) see his ads on network channels. Ad buyers can target cable ads by community, but not network ads -- they're basically stuck buying all or none of the geographic TV market.

[ Parent ]
I know
The point I was trying to make is that there are so many of his ads to the point that Eric was making about junk mail

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