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This thread now open for your enjoyment and Graham Davis is a jerk

by: Eric B.

Sat Jul 26, 2014 at 14:00:00 PM EDT

Last weekend, while at work, I received a text message from Graham Davis telling me to go to hell. I told him to fuck off, which seemed like an appropriate response. Anyway, he posted all this on Facebook and I spent half an hour swearing at him. I later found out that some people thought that we were feuding. That's not the case. I am feuding, but it's with my neighbor. If you and I are connected on social media, you already know that, because that's where the feud is taking place. Also, in real life, like when I sabotaged the gargoyle he has in his yard and he wrote, "Baerren Go Home" in chalk-paint on his driveway.

For those of you who couldn't give less of a shit about who I'm feuding with, consider this the opening of the weekend thread.

Eric B. :: This thread now open for your enjoyment and Graham Davis is a jerk
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Happy Saturday
Just for the record, Eric and I are always feuding. No reason - we just are. :-)


This is your last chance to run for Precinct Delegate as a write-in - fill out this form, get it notarized, turn it into your county clerk, and when you go to vote, write your name under "Delegate to County Convention."


Speaking of write-ins, John Dinse is running for Isabella County Road Commissioner (6-year term) as a write-in candidate. He's a former Union Township trustee.


School aid cuts, work-for-less, emergency managers, rape insurance, gutting environmental regulations BUT ZOMG SCHAUER VOTED IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY IN 2012!!!!

Ken Braun has a piece about how he voted in the Democratic primary for Geoffrey Feiger. His assertion is the same as mine: "Who cares?" Indeed, odds are that if you know that this is an open-primary state, then you either (a) have voted in in the other party's primary at some point, or (b) will vote in the other party's primary at some point.

It's a really ridiculous thing for them to make a big deal out of. But since they have nothing legit on which to attack Schauer, they have to do things like this in order to distract from their failing campaign.

The incumbent is not only below 50%, he's in a statistical tie. They're blowing through cash but not making any headway. He's ticked off his base, he's enraged progressives, and moderates aren't exactly enthused. These are desperate times for Snyder and his campaign, so they have to resort to desperate measures. Luckily for us, people don't really care about this kind of thing.


Flint's "blue ribbon commission" announced their recommendations recently. They propose (a) reducing the City Council from nine to seven members, and (b) make the seats at-large. At least one Flint native said on Facebook that he was concerned about the imbalance that might result.

I agree with him. They just had that argument in Detroit - an at-large council resulted in most council members hailing from a small part of the city, so they went with districts. Even in my hometown of Kentwood (where we have two wards along with commissioners-at-large), the three commissioners-at-large (well, two plus the mayor) all live near each other - and far away from most of the city's population.

I can understand a smaller city having only at-large elections - places like Grandville, East Lansing, and Mount Pleasant are perfect examples - but once a city gets to be Flint's size, you need wards/districts to ensure that everyone has actual representation.

On top of that, there's the idea that having only seven council members instead of nine can make things even less representative. A city like East Lansing can get away with having a council of five, while seven might be a good number for Kentwood. But bigger cities need bigger councils/commissions. More on that at another time.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

wind energy sucess
this article is about a month old, so some might have seen it already... http://www.freep.com/article/20140629/BUSINESS06/306290068/wind-alternative-energy-michigan-epa

It's about half as expensive to produce than utility companies initially expected, down to as little as $50 a megawatt hour last year from more than $100 a megawatt hour in 2009, according to the Michigan Public Service Commission.


To cover the extra cost of green energy production, residential customers have been paying a utility surcharge. This year, largely because of the lower cost of wind, DTE has reduced its surcharge from $3 per meter a month to 43 cents, and Consumers Energy is eliminating its surcharge altogether, down from $2.50 starting in July. The Michigan Public Service Commission approved the cost cuts on June 19.

Professor Farnsworth approves

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

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Examiner.com article on wolf hunt and minimum wage rulings
Board of State Canvassers approves wolf hunt, denies minimum wage
On Thursday, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers decided the fates of two ballot initiatives that had their petitions submitted at the end of May.

The Board unanimously approved the initiative from Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management that would allow the wolf hunt to continue along with funding measures to combat Asian Carp and continue offering free hunting and fishing licenses to active-duty members of the armed services.

They also denied the initiative from Raise Michigan to put a measure on the ballot that would allow voters to vote for an increase in the state's minimum wage to $10.10 per hour on a 3-1 bipartisan vote, citing not enough valid signatures.

Much more about both decisions and the reactions to them at the link.

As I told the readers of Join the Coffee Party Michigan, it's possible that neither will be on the ballot, as the minimum wage measure was turned down, while the pro-hunting measure may be voted into law by the state legislature, bypassing the voters entirely.  Welcome to life in a republic, not a democracy.

Originally posted at Crazy Eddie's Motie News as Examiner.com article on wolf hunt and minimum wage proposals.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

More Free Press endorsements
U.S. House of Representatives Endorsements: Endorsements: These Michigan congressional candidates deserve to advance next round--recommendations for all the contested primaries in both parties throughout the state.  I'll probably write an Examiner.com article about the contests in the 7th and 12th later today.

Wayne County Executive: Endorsement: Warren Evans is best choice for Wayne County executive

Wayne County RESA Millage: Endorsement: For the sake of Wayne County's schools, vote yes for millage.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

Examiner.com article about Free Press and News endorsements
Detroit News and Free Press endorse congressional candidates in 2014 primaries
Both the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press issued their endorsements for congressional candidates in the August 5 primary this weekend, the News on Saturday and the Free Press on Sunday.

Both metropolitan dailies endorsed Debbie Dingell for the Democratic nomination to succeed her husband John in the Twelfth Congressional District, which includes Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and surrounding areas of eastern Washtenaw County as well as western and southern Wayne County.

The Free Press endorsed incumbent Tim Walberg for the Republican nomination in the Seventh Congressional District, which encompasses western and northern Washtenaw County along with a wide swath of southern Michigan extending from Monroe County to Branch County, as well as the counties of Jackson and Eaton.  The News made no recommendation in the contest.

Both papers also issued endorsements in the Eighth Congressional District, which borders Washtenaw County to the north, and Eleventh Congressional District, which adjoins Washtenaw County to the east.  Each district features intensely contested primaries for both major parties' nominations.

More details about the endorsements, including quotes from both papers' editorials and a response from Debbie Dingell to an earlier endorsement from the Michigan Chronicle and a video report of Dingell's announcement of her candidacy, at the link.

Here are two items that amused me.  The News endorsed Terry Bowman over Stephen Farkas in the Republican primary for the Twelfth Congressional District, even though Farkas is not on the ballot, having withdrawn from the race.  Also, the Free Press gave a very lukewarm endorsement for Walberg, calling his record "lackluster" but then saying he was still better than his opponent.  I bet they endorse Byrnes in the general.  I know I will.

Originally posted as Examiner.com article about Free Press and News endorsements at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

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Ten years ago
It's been ten years since Khalid Sheikh bin Hussein bin Soetoro bin Obumbum delivered the speech that made him a national name.

Ten years later, he's easily the best president of my lifetime. (At least until President Sasha Obama.)

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

Links to Nancy Skinner's recent media coverage and appearances
In the 11th District U.S. House race, one of the biggest difference between the Democratic candidates is their media skills. Anil Kumar and Bobby McKenzie are first-time candidates who, until they joined the Democratic Party and started running for Congress last year (more or less in that order), had never needed them.

By contrast, Nancy Skinner helped pioneer the progressive talk radio format back in 1997, continued her show in Michigan on WDTW 1310 AM, and has logged hundreds of appearances on cable news over the years.

So here are some of her recent appearances and media interviews, along with her "Really, Terri!" ad and the powerful "11:11:1" video appeal:

In addition, Nancy's Progressive message focusing on Climate Change is resonating at the national level, including these recent articles:

And of course, you can always visit the new-and-improved skinnerforcongress.com site, or follow her on Twitter at @Nancy4MI11).

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

Canton Dems picnic is this Tuesday evening
It will take place at 6:00 at Heritage Park, North Pavilion #2.  

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Hey Eric!
Go to hell!  

I second that emotion :-D

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

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