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Today in campaign news: Duggan to endorse Hobbs tonight

by: ScottyUrb

Wed Jul 30, 2014 at 14:40:47 PM EDT

* Hobbs just announced that Mayor Mike Duggan will announce his endorsement of Hobbs this evening at an event in Detroit.

* In this corner: the Devos-backed "Great Lakes Education Project." In this corner: Gary Glenn and Todd Courser. Ready? Fight

One mailer criticized Glenn's stance on tax policy and accused him of believing that the government should be able to "police bedrooms" and "imprison all gay citizens."

Warning: The article also mentions a guy whose last name rhymes with Ragema.

* Via email: Syed Taj, our 2012 nominee in the 11th, is backing Anil Kumar.

A couple tweets from MIRS tell us that Peters leads Land by 45-39, while Amash is up on Ellis 51-31.

* UPDATE: Mitchell poll in the 14th: Hobbs 38%, Clarke 25%, Lawrence 22%. But that's Mitchell, so take it with many grains of salt.

ScottyUrb :: Today in campaign news: Duggan to endorse Hobbs tonight
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It is worth noting
that the poll is commissioned by Congressman Sander Levin's GOALPAC; Mr. Hobbs' mailings to voters are also paid for by Levin's PAC.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

Stay classy
C'mon Mike. No one here has made an issue of Brenda releasing her own "internal" poll numbers nor the outside groups spending money on her campaign. I think the agreement was to support your own candidate without trashing the other.  

Nothing is easier than solving a problem on the back of the poor. People who don't have lobbyists or clout.

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Please refer to my comment.
I said it is worth noting, I did not offer a statement of judgment.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

[ Parent ]
On another note,
"I think the agreement was to support your own candidate without trashing the other."

I take it you reference an unspoken -- and thoroughly broken -- agreement.

Mr. Hobbs was certainly not concerned with such an agreement, as evidenced during the League of Women Voters forum and his subsequent press release regarding Brenda Lawrence.

Mr. Dickens of Team Hobbs certainly is not bound by such an agreement, whose instances of public and private trashing of the other candidates is a long list.

Mr. Jones of Team Hobbs certainly was not bound by such an agreement when he was destroying Brenda Lawrence signs on my street, in front of my house.

My comment was pointing out who commissioned a poll and was the 'paid for by' on literature being mailed in the district, since this would be unknown to Michigan Liberal readers not within the district. I take no "issue" with an internal poll being released, obviously; the above post of the poll did not note by whom it was paid. I noted that.

The worst thing I believe I have ever stated of Mr. Hobbs' candidacy was in the Spring when I stated he was still not well-known to voters.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

[ Parent ]
Duggan's Endorsement
It is hard for me to believe that Duggan would endorse Hobbs if thought it was a long shot of him winning.

That being said, whether the poll numbers are accurate or not, I highly doubt they are so skewed to where Hobbs wouldn't be in the thick of things. Hobbs has been my hope from the get go, and while I doubted his chances a month or two ago, his fundraising has paid off it seems. With commercials now on the air and a field program that greatly shames the other canddiates', Duggan's endorsement is just another sign that he could very well win on Tuesday.  

One point.
Based upon the field numbers Rudy Hobbs publicly stated at last week's candidate forum, the Brenda Lawrence campaign has knocked substantially more doors and made substantially more phone calls.  

Great Lakes, Great Times.

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