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Today in campaign news: Primarily speaking

by: ScottyUrb

Tue Aug 05, 2014 at 00:46:19 AM EDT

Not much news, so to speak - just a few facts, observations, etc., about primaries.

*In 1990, only 15.1% of voters voted in the primary. Some people suspect that we may see a repeat of that this year, given that there is nothing competitive on the statewide level (besides Prop 1).

*If Prop 1 fails, will lawmakers repeal the PPT in lame duck? Some say so. The fact that big business groups are spending so heavily to get it passed sends a signal that they're not sure if they can get the votes for a straight-up repeal.

*Ah, the wonders of open primaries. As previously blogged here, Republicans are being urged to vote in the Democratic primary for Wayne County Executive, while elsewhere in Michigan we're learning of Dems being courted by Repubicans to cross the ballot. There are often two reasons why people vote in the other side's primary: One, to mess things up (i.e. for Santorum and Feiger); and two, because it's more practical. With so many 'safe' Democratic and Republican seats, the primary is often "the" election - so sometimes Dems in red districts feel that they need to choose the least bad Republican.

*Really, though - who among us MichLibbers hasn't voted in a Republican primary at least once? (See poll below.) I'd suspect that many primary voters who haven't crossed party lines are folks who didn't know that you can do that.

*For a number of reasons, expect more Republicans to vote today than Democrats. Because of that, expect Republicans to gloat about Land receiving more votes in her primary than Peters in his - and likewise for Snyder and Schauer - as if that means something for November. In 2006 DeVos got more primary votes than Granholm - but the then-incumbent won by 14 points in the fall. In 2008 Levin only got about 66,000 more votes in the primary than did Hoogendyk; the margin that fall was nowhere near close.

*After you've voted, tell us how voting is going near you. And be sure to go below the fold and vote in this little poll too!

ScottyUrb :: Today in campaign news: Primarily speaking
Ever voted in the other party's primary? Come on, be honest!
I might have once or twice...


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I've voted once in a GOP primary, and that was the 2012 presidential primary.  Santorum.  It was just about the weirdest feeling I'd ever had.

As of this hour, I'm still vacillating between whether or not to vote in GOP primary or not.  I live in MI-08, and while I want to show my support for my Dems, there is really nothing competitive over this way.  I'm really leaning towards voting in the GOP primary, though, on some off chance there are others like me who want to get crazy-ass Tom "Agema, Jr." McMillin into the general for Congress, who is a diaster just waiting to happen.  However, the only public poll of this race shows Mike "MI Government Shutdown" Bishop crushing him, so my vote might end up even worth less than in the Dem primaries.  Were there an organized rat-f%ck*ng, I'd be in the GOP primary in a hot minute.  

Decisions, decisions.

Crossing Over...

Sure I did! When former Governor Engler declared that he would "deliver Michigan for Bush", I joined so very many of my brother and sister Dems and voted in the Republican primary and pulled the lever for John McCain. 

I mean... when then State Rep. Lamar Lemmons III asked black pastors to deliver a "political spanking" to Governor Engler, I just couldn't resist.  

And that's about it... causing political mischief since 2000 (or earlier).  

Do stupid people know they are stupid?

Yes, that Dem infiltration in 2000 was a political sweet spot in the midst of the Engler dark years.

[ Parent ]
Yep - I voted for McCain also
I also voted for Santorum in 2012.  

[ Parent ]
I did it too
and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Until the republican campaign literature started showing up in my mailbox and kept coming for the next 14 years.

I'm not that eartha - or that one either

[ Parent ]
I voted for McCain in 2000
The difference was that I was a Republican at the time, so I wasn't voting in the other party's primary, I was voting in my own.  As for whether it was my last primary as a Republican, I'm not sure.  I don't remember in which primary I voted in 2002.  If I participated in the GOP one, it was the last Republican thing I did.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

[ Parent ]
Whole bunch of Republican contests
Nothing for Democrats here. Republicans have congress, state senate, state rep., and so on. And these are all right-wing districts. Today is going to be what decides it. So I voted Republican (absentee). I voted for the least insane Republicans. If the tea-nuts don't like it... well, they can deal with it.  

Turnout is pretty good in my precinct
So much for all the dire predictions about turnout.  I think the open Congressional seat is helping to drive turnout.

Voter #35 in my precinct in Kentwood
...at about 10:00.

Kind of light, but not surprising. We only have four contests on the ballot - State House (Republican), Prop 1, senior millage, and library millage.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

Primaries and their usefulness
I voted many times on a party's ballot not my own party. I think that we should either not have primaries any more or have a "jungle" primary where you can vote for more than one party at a time. So few folks vote anyway it really gives bases more power that they should have. Also sometimes candidates are real sneaky not revealing what they actually will do when elected.

Problem with "jungle primaries" (and a solution)
Say you have a Dem-leaning district with four or five Democrats running, while only two Republicans run. The Dem vote could then be split up to the point that the top two candidates end up being the two Republicans - leaving a Dem-leaning district to be stuck with a Republican no matter what. That's happened a couple times in California - and that almost happened with that state's Comptroller race this year.

A modification which might make that work: Require that the two candidates who advance be of different parties.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
#75 at Kal Twp 7 at 11:00
on track for about 20%.

I have nothing against crossing over in the primary, I just have not done it. Always some race on our side in our area, and given the choice would rather vote for a D than an R. Also,need to vote for myself for Precinct Delegate. :)

That's decent, at least for a primary
Could it have anything to do with Hoadley's (or anyone else's) GOTV?

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
I hope so! We'll know soon.

[ Parent ]
Bloomfield Twp 19
Number 74 at 3:00, pretty average for a primary from what I remember. The only contested primaries here were in both parties for state senate, but there was prop 1, the SMART millage, local millages for cops, fire, and EMTs, senior services, and sidewalks along the major roads. I voted no on 1 and yes on all of the millages, and picked a name to be the D  sacrificial lamb in the 12th senate district (Bloomfield, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, and 5 McMansion townships in northern Oakland).

And yes, I've voted in a Rep primary in the past. I voted for Our Benevolent Overlord in 10 on the theory that it was going to be a Rep year anyway, and he was likely to do less damage than Cox, Hoekstra, or Bouchard. I admit to feeling a little slimy actually voting for a Rep.

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