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From the same people who were only moderately upset by maggots in prison food

by: Eric B.

Mon Aug 11, 2014 at 11:00:00 AM EDT

Our benevolent overlord Rick Michigan's people: The same people who said that it was no big deal to craft eduction policy in the shadows with people paid for by a anonymously-funded slush fund; the same people who said that there was no connection between campaign donations and a backdated pollution permit; the same people who excuse lavish spending by education and housing executives as part of the cost of doing business; the same people who said ... well, you get the point.

On a related note, the Au Sable river has a reputation as a trout fishery that extends well beyond Michigan.

In yesterday's Freep.

The permit allows Harrietta Hills Grayling fish hatchery owner Dan Vogler — who is leasing the property for $1 a year from Crawford County — to increase fish production on the nearly century-old facility from 20,000 pounds to about 300,000 pounds.

Vogler’s fish farm in the Upper Peninsula was contaminated with whirling disease, an invasive parasite that thrives in the sludgy environment created by phosphorous fish feces. Anglers are concerned that could happen again on the Au Sable. Whirling disease triggered failures in rainbow trout out west, and some streams have lost up to 90% of their trout.

The punchline...

“What if something happens? Will he abandon the facility and let it go bankrupt, letting the citizens deal with the mess? A performance bond makes sense,” said Baird.

The DEQ rejected the request, stating, “If there was a catastrophic failure of the waste management system that resulted in significant negative impact on the Au Sable River or fishery, and the permittee was financially unable to remedy the situation, the state of Michigan would be able to utilize its resources, knowledge, and experience in operating aquaculture facilities to restore facility, the river and fishery.”

So, yes, Baird is right. It would fall on taxpayers.

Socialized costs, privatized profits. The free market is a great idea. We should even try it out someday.

It would be wrong to lay the responsibility for this solely at the feet of our current governor. It's his people who are ultimtely responsible, including the statement that we should all just relax and stop complaining because if this guy screws up the state will land on him with a pair of iron-toed sized 12 boots. Of course, things didn't quite work out that way for Aramark, but that's a different story.

Really, though, the way these people approach the environment and really everything evokes this memories of this line.

Wilfred responds only to things that have weight and bulk and value! He FEELS books, he doesn't read them! He APPRAISES paintings, he doesn't seek out their truth or their beauty!

It comes straight to us from a Tee Vee show that was perhaps the best written in that medium's history, The Twilight Zone.

Eric B. :: From the same people who were only moderately upset by maggots in prison food
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Legal challenge to Au Sable permit
Just FYI the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter's lawyers filed a Contested Case challenge to the permit yesterday so the permit decision will be reviewed by an administrative law judge at the DEQ. The club makes a strong argument that by the permit is in conflict with the federal Clean Water Act.  

I hope they're successful
I was wondering how this was so much under the radar.

[ Parent ]
State Sen Mike Green
is a member of the board of the Michigan Aquaculture Association, of which Vogler is president...

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